New Website Eases Transfer Process for Students

September 3, 2015 -- A new and improved CNM website is making it easier for students to transfer to four-year public colleges in the state.
New Website Eases Transfer Process for Students

Sep 03, 2015

“With just three clicks of a mouse students can quickly learn what courses they need to take at CNM to get an associate degree and transfer that degree to in-state universities,” said Roberto Vasquez, CNM transfer articulation analyst. “By using this website, students can avoid taking extra classes that extend the time it takes to get an associate degree and move on to the four-year school to study for their bachelor’s.”

The focus of the website is on transfer of associate degrees, no longer on transfer of individual courses.

The website is broken down by program of study and university. If the student clicks in the program area, a list of 42 programs pops up with more to be added. By clicking on the desired program, the universities that offer that line of coursework appears. Then, by clicking on the university, the exact courses the student needs to transfer, starting with the first term at CNM, emerges.

If students go to the university section, they can click on the college of their choice, see a listing of transferable programs, click on the program of their choice and view the exact courses they need to take at CNM term by term.

All colleges and universities included in the website have transfer agreements with CNM that require them to accept CNM’s associate degrees, not making the students take additional prerequisites

“Traditionally, CNM students wishing to transfer would have to go to the admissions page of the four-year school and try to figure out what courses would transfer and what courses would not,” Vasquez said. “By using this website, it’s all laid out for the student in one seamless process.”

Click here to see the website. 

Vasquez, members of the CNM Web Strategy team, and Lidia Muniz, associate director of Academic Advisement, spent seven months building the transfer site.