Mock Emergency Medical Situation Provides Valuable Learning Experience

March 11, 2016 -- Dozens of CNM students from several different programs responded to a mock emergency medical disaster on Friday as a valuable learning experience to help prepare them for similar real-life situations. The exercise took place at Main Campus on the lawn between the JS Building and Student Resource Center.
Mock Emergency Medical Situation Provides Valuable Learning Experience

Mar 02, 2016

“We made this as real-life as possible so the students could learn what to do in an actual emergency scenario,” said Michael Shannon, a Nursing faculty member who helped organize the exercise.


The mock medical emergency scenario began after the staging of a sport utility vehicle on a lawn, where it was supposed to have jumped a curb and crashed into a throng of students. Some student actors were dressed in fake blood amid multiple fake injuries, and there were two high-tech patient mannequins that served as deceased victims. Smoke billowed from the vehicle, then a PHI medical evacuation helicopter landed on the SRC lawn to add an element of reality. 

Students from CNM’s Nursing, Emergency Medical Services, Respiratory Therapy and Surgical Technician programs participated in the exercise. EMTs were the first responders, and transported the injured to a mock triage area. Then patients were transported via stretchers to medical labs in the JS Building that served as a mock hospital environment, including emergency room and operating room spaces, and multiple hospital beds where nurses treated the injured. 

Shannon said this is the first in a series of these emergency drills. He anticipates a second exercise in the fall.