Math League Takes First Place in Second Annual Knowledge Bowl

March 23, 2016 -- CNM’s second annual Knowledge Bowl held last Saturday in the Student Resource Center was a success, said Vicki Kelsey, president of the Math League, which hosted the event.

Mar 23, 2016

The competition was a Jeopardy-style contest of knowledge with questions coming from the U.S. Department of Energy National Math and Science Bowl Database. There were also some fun science fiction questions.

Taking first place was the Math League, which was made up of students Mathew McPheeters, Roman Romero and Joshua Ward.

Second place winner was the Physics League consisting of students Christopher Duerksen, Timothy Beaton and Nathan Curtner.

 Taking third place was the Chemistry Society with Jeffrey Terr, Bjorn Axness and Abigail Walraven

Judges were officers from the New Mexico Tech Society of Physics Students.

The first, second, and third place trophies awarded to the winning teams are on display in CNM’s School of Math, Science & Engineering main office.