Lavu, Inc. Donates Sophisticated Cloud Software to CNM’s Culinary Program

July 23, 2014 -- Students in CNM’s Culinary Program will soon be training with the latest innovative technologies, complete with real-world business applications.
Lavu, Inc. Donates Sophisticated Cloud Software to CNM’s Culinary Program

Jul 17, 2015

Lavu, Inc., an Albuquerque-based technology company with customers in 85 countries, has donated its sophisticated cloud Lavu POS (Point of Sale) software to the school. The cloud-based system will allow student chefs to take orders on iPads and send them back to the kitchen.

“The students will leave here not only with the skills and talents associated with great chefs but also with the knowledge of how to run a restaurant using the most up-to-date technologies,” said Donna Diller, dean of CNM’s School of Business & Information Technology.

The software will be used by students in Bistro 106, CNM’s restaurant laboratory in both “front of the house” where patrons are seated and “back of the house” where food is prepared.

Lavu POS (Point of Sale) software takes advantage of Apple’s iPad technologies which allows for mobile ordering, credit card swipe, multiple terminals, comprehensive reports and printing – all done with wireless routers. It can be found in hundreds of restaurants, bars, food trucks and hotels.

While the software company is donating the software, CNM is purchasing the hardware, including seven iPads and three printers. Two iPads will be terminals, where servers can type in their orders. Five will be carried by servers. The printers will be used to print out orders for chefs in the kitchen and receipts for customers.

“Lavu wants CNM students to use the latest technology and understand how point of sale systems operate, while also learning about all the different aspects of business management,” said Ben Harrison, senior vice president of brand/creative for Lavu. “We are giving this donation with the hopes of making the students’ transition into the real world easier.”