Ken Chappy Hall Faculty Offices Receive New Look

October 30, 2014 -- The Ken Chappy Hall faculty offices are a balance between full-time and part-time faculty spaces and a localized hub for everyday tasks that fosters a collaborative working and learning environment.
Ken Chappy Hall Faculty Offices Receive New Look

Jul 17, 2015

The design team went through an extensive information-gathering process prior to completing any design work, which included surveys of full-time and part-time faculty, and tours of other faculty work spaces at other campuses to learn what worked well and not so well in existing spaces. The team worked to ensure faculty needs were met while also creating an innovative and collaborative work place for an enhanced student learning experience. 

In the faculty survey, one faculty member expressed the desire for better natural lighting. “Being shut into a room with no windows to the outside is not conducive to happy people!” Another stated that they would like, “windows, windows, windows. Or really good indoor lighting.” After gathering faculty input, the project team came up with three overriding concepts for the design of the KC faculty space – clear and secure circulation within the space, varied spaces for multiple work modes, and natural light.

Meeting rooms are kept to the exterior walls to allow a continuous circulation path throughout the facility. After most interior walls were removed and new full height windows and skylights added, natural light now permeates every corner of the space. In order to preserve this amenity for every faculty member, workstations in the center of the open office area have lower panel heights. Recognizing the occasional need for a more private work space, we provided two focus rooms for faculty to use on an as-needed basis. Our design intention for KC was to give our faculty a comfortable, inviting, and exciting place for them to get their work done.

The newly enclosed entry corridor is now a lobby that serves as the nexus for the space; linking the outside environment with the two different wings of the renovated space. Here, a full-time staff member will help connect students to their faculty, as well as help maintain separation between faculty work space and areas dedicated for meetings and collaboration with students. The wing to the north of the lobby provides private, focused faculty work space and two new private restrooms. The desire for private restrooms were requested by a significant number of faculty members. The majority of faculty support spaces and collaborative zones are housed in the wing south of the lobby.

The south wing serves several purposes. It’s an area for faculty to have lunch, grab coffee, get away from their desks or converse with colleagues, and it’s also where faculty can meet with students. We understand that there are times when it is necessary to meet with students in a small enclosed space for private conversations or to allow them to focus on a specific task, while there are also times when a comfortable lounge chair is exactly what is needed for a quick question or catch-up. When asked about some issues with their old space, one faculty member said they had “no privacy when meeting with students.” This wing intentionally provides the means for several types of interactions. 


We truly hope you enjoy the space!


The Ken Chappy Hall Project Team