Jaime J. Garrido Resume

October 19, 2016 -- The following is Jaime J. Garrido's resume.

Oct 19, 2016



  • Visionary, proactive, entrepreneurial and collaborative leader with strong perceptual skills and a trust-worthy team player. Strong interpersonal, small group and large group communication skills. Strong analytical and multitasking skills.
  • Skilled planner with strong integrated planning experience. Directed the development and/or implementation of the Barry University master plan, the 2002-2012 Chandler-Gilbert

Community College’s comprehensive Facilities master plan and Montgomery County Community College master plan.

  • Led the growth and development of a private architectural practice from $300K to over $1.1M in billings.
  • Planned, designed and/or managed significant Higher Education facilities of varying types including administrative, academic, laboratories (wet & dry), student services, recreational centers, student housing and auxiliary buildings in excess of $400M throughout the course of career. Projects include new facilities, renovations and additions.
  • Served in senior administrative leadership positions with significant decision-making responsibilities over major areas, including Capital Planning, Design and Construction, Physical Plant Operations, Risk Management and Sustainability at various colleges and institutions.
  • Registered Architect in the State of Arizona and New Mexico. Strong knowledge of construction practices, building (UBC)/fire/life safety codes, National Electric Code, HazMat storage requirements, cost estimating, project management and construction laws and ordinances.
  • Intimate knowledge of the various construction delivery methods including CMAR, CM Agency, Design/Bid/Build, Job Order Contracting and multi-prime.
  • Experienced in sustainable design and construction. LEED accredited professional. PROFESSIONALEXPERIENCE

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

Associate Vice President for Facilities and Construction 5/2013 to Present

The AVP is responsible for overseeing all facilities issues and construction projects at the college, the MCCC facilities portfolio includes two campuses and a center with buildings totaling over 800k square feet of academic and auxiliary space and 200 acres. The AVP supervises the lead individuals in facilities management, construction management, grounds, custodial services and receiving. Interfaces with key constituents of the college to ensure that the college mission is supported and implements the key elements of the college Master Plan to 2025. Ensures adequate maintenance of existing facilities and grounds using both rigorous schedule of routine maintenance and a five-year rolling plan for deferred maintenance projects.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Supervise direct reports in construction management, facilities management, grounds, custodial services and central receiving to ensure cost effective and efficient services to the college. Ensures a high level of customer service for all operations and services by maintaining an organization culture of service, effectiveness and accountability. Works with Union leadership to ensure a positive, highly accountable and productive work environment.

Plan, initiate and oversee all capital projects, facility renovations and upgrades. Works with administrators, faculty and other campus stakeholder groups to develop project scopes that are reconciled with proposed budgets. Conduct the RFPs process for Design Professionals selection, and prepare bid documents for architectural and construction projects in close coordination with purchasing and senior leadership at the college. Plan and procure furniture, fixtures and equipment packages for all construction projects.

Develops and implement capital/building renewal and improvement plans, including buildings, site and utilities infrastructure. Implement strategies to maximize the physical plant utilization rates based on space management analysis.

Represents the College to external governmental, county and municipal agencies having jurisdiction over the various campuses. Lead and manage the land development submission and approval process for projects, makes presentations to the townships Board of Supervisors and maintains positive relationships with townships and agencies managers and staff.

Serves as staff to the Physical Plant Committee of the Board of Trustees, prepares the agenda and background papers for all physical plant items and initiatives to be approved by the Committee and the Board of Trustees.

Establish and Manage budgets of all facilities and construction activities, including contracts, budget development, cost estimating and implementation strategies, change orders negotiations, quality assurance and project close-out.

Projects include:

  • Health Sciences Center Additions and Renovations – $34M (D/B/B)
    • 140 College Drive Remodeling - $2.2M (D/B/B)
    • West Campus Student Housing project - $14M (PPP)
    • Science Center Labs and Systems Upgrades - $22M
    • College wide Energy Service Company (ESCO) project ($6.5M)
    • Multiple campus infrastructure and utility projects

Develops and maintains key performance indicators for all staff and specific service areas to provide a basis for my annual reporting of metrics and process improvement. Uses existing system and data to manage routine maintenance to maximize the useful life of equipment. Identifies ways to increase responsiveness to maintenance and cleanliness of buildings.

Develops and implements strategic entrepreneurial initiatives such as, public private partnership for project development, acquisition of services and energy. Coordinates with campus groups the development and implementation energy and resource conservation policies, strategies and procedures.

Ensure compliance with Building codes, life safety codes, safety best practices, as well as local, state and federal regulations having jurisdiction. Implements work safety plans and measures to mitigate work place accidents. Evaluates physical plant risks such as pedestrian’s trip and falls, implements mitigating measures. Develops and implement physical plant emergency preparedness and response procedures in close coordination with College Safety Department.

Phoenix, Arizona

Architect/Project Manager 8/2012 to 5/2013

Provide project management including client and consultant contract negations.

Provide construction administration including reviewing and approving construction contract modifications, application for payments, shop drawings, RFIs, issuing Architectural Supplemental Instruction and enforcing quality assurance and compliance with contract documents.

Conducted process improvements assessments for firm business operations and projects Quality Control/Quality Assurance reviews; Develop cost estimates and monitor project budgets.

Projects included:

  • ASU Downtown Sun Devil Fitness Complex - $18M (CMAR)
  • ADOT Douglas Port of Entry - $4M (Design/Bid/Build)

Develop and manage business development plans for target sectors; Work with senior management to integrate business development plan with firm’s strategic and business plans. Develop and maintain quality client relations.

Phoenix, Arizona

Adjunct Faculty 11/1998 to 5/2013

  • Instructed General Business courses in dynamic way to prepare students for life goals. Courses include general business, supervision and management, and small business management.
  • Facilitate valuable instructional services for Construction Management courses.
  • Assisted the development of the Construction Management Certificate Program.
  • Effective Member of the Department Curriculum Advisory Committee.

Phoenix, Arizona

Division Director, Facilities Capital and Planning 4/2012 to 7/2012

Lead, manage and coordinate the implementation of the Capital Improvement and Major Maintenance annual plans.

Tempe, Arizona

Director of Business Development 3/2008 to 4/2012

Lead, manage and coordinate business development activities for the New Mexico office and the Higher Education market sector for the Southwest Division including providing overall market leadership for New Mexico territory.

Developed and maintained quality relationships with key New Mexico Public Owners and Architects to position the company as a market leader, develop teaming opportunities for joint pursuits and create goodwill.

Developed and managed business development plans for target sectors; Worked with senior management to integrate territory business development plan with Division’s Business Plan. Developed and submitted project proposals; developed winning strategies and positioned company for response to RFQ’s and RFP’s consistent with business development plan; maintained quality client relations; managed and forecast sales pipeline.

Represented company in trade shows, community activities, professional organizations, and civic groups.

Projects include: University of New Mexico

  • Science & Math Learning Center - $15M (Best Value/Bid)
  • BEER Parking Garage - $12.7M (Best Value/Bid)
  • • Collaborative Teaching & Learning Center - $7M (CMAR) New Mexico State University
    • Performing Arts Complex Phase 1 - $29M (CMAR)

Chandler, Arizona

Associate Dean of Administrative Services 8/2000 to 3/2008

Served on the Executive Leadership Team and President’s Executive Council; strengthened general leadership and professional direction for College Capital Development Projects, Facilities Services,

College Safety/Security, Risk Management, and Resource Management Departments in a 450,000 square feet multi-campus community college environment.

Managed college capital development and major maintenance projects; coordinated with district Facilities and Planning Development office, represented and advocated for the college needs and interest in district centralized capital planning; calculated and implemented the capital development strategies and budgets for new buildings, renewal of existing facilities, parking and infrastructure; negotiated and administered contracts for contractors, architects, engineers, and other contracted services with outside vendors; coordinated all capital projects with Faculty, Staff, administration and Campus surrounding community.

Led the development and implementation of the 2002 College Master Plan supporting the 2004 General Obligation Bond election and subsequent revisions; in close collaboration with administration and  faculty prepared projects programs and educational specifications for the development of new facilities and site improvements; headed the development of the College’s forward-thinking sustainability plan,

including recycling strategies, LEED Certification for new construction projects, green cleaning strategies, and resource conservation plans for electricity and water.


Integrated IT physical/infrastructure requirements in the college master plan, new project specific programs and remodeling projects. Participated in the integration of new classroom and academic technologies to support evolving pedagogies and learning styles; provided guidance in the selection of new furniture and coordinated IT requirements.

Conducted college wide facilities assessment and developed strategies to maintain college facilities condition index ratings within acceptable rage; implemented major maintenance project and programs; developed and managed the college wide infrastructure update and replacement plan.

Provided analysis and strategies to streamlined space utilization, evaluated future space needs and integrated these to the college capital planning process; coordinated space needs with the academic plan, Vice President for Instruction office and Department Chairs.

Developed and administered a $7 million departmental operational budget; implemented budget strategies for the acquisition of capital equipment; approved requisitions of purchase orders in conjunction with fiscal services; motivated a diverse work force of over 50 managers and staff members including: employee recruitment and hiring, training and evaluation, mentoring for improved performance and personal/professional development.

Provided oversight and direction for safety planning and compliance with federal and state regulations, environmental regulations, OSHA, ADA, applicable building codes, state fire code and NFPA 101life safety code; developed and implemented department safety plan; developed and implemented college design and construction standards.

As the administrator responsible for the College Safety Department I served on the college safety and security committee and had a significant role in the development and implementation of the college Emergency and Preparedness Plan; also ensured the implementation of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles in the planning and design for new and remodeling facilities projects.


Phoenix, Arizona

Manager, Facilities Planning and Development 9/1997 to 8/2000

Managed the Facilities Planning and Development Department; developed and implemented strategic plans and programming for facilities development. Supervised the facilities improvement plan, evaluated new and existing facilities, provided strategy for space utilization, and coordinated all capital projects with Faculty, Staff and Campus Community.

Integrated IT physical/infrastructure requirements in the college master plan, new project specific programs and remodeling projects. Participated in the integration of new classroom and academic technologies to support evolving pedagogies and learning styles; provided guidance in the selection of new furniture and coordinated IT requirements.

Provided analysis and strategies to streamlined space utilization, evaluated future space needs and integrated these to the college capital planning process; coordinated space needs with the academic plan, Vice President for Instruction office and Department Chairs

Other performance responsibilities included: Presentations of projects to community groups; administer contracts for Architects, Testing Labs and other Consultants; coordinate project bidding and administer construction contracts; approval of contract instruments such as payment requests and change orders; developed cost estimates for projects including hard and soft costs; established and maintain project budgets and schedules.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Facilities Project Manager 1995 to 1997

Managed all projects and facilities improvements within a specific territory from planning/design  through construction/post occupancy; developed and administered capital project budgets ranging from

$50,000 to over $20,000,000; evaluated new and existing facilities, coordinated the planning for the expansion and development of new facilities; coordinated projects with local governing agencies; provided presentations of projects to community groups; administered contracts for Architects, Testing Labs and other Consultants; coordinated project bidding and administered construction contracts; established and maintained project budgets and schedules; approved of contract instruments such as payment requests and change orders.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

 Associate – Architect 1990 to 1995