Access to Previous Blackboard Courses Has Changed

February 15, 2017 -- To help reduce LMS Blackboard hosting costs, the CNM Deans Council has decided to reduce course retention to one year (three terms). The previous year of courses will be removed and stored in archives for any grade challenges that may occur.

Feb 15, 2017

The Distance Learning (DL) support staff will be removing 2015 Spring Term, 2015 Summer Term, 2015 Fall Term and 2016 Spring Term from the system to help reduce CNM Distance Learning storage costs. On Sunday, Feb. 19, access to courses from the terms listed above will be disabled in preparation of removing the courseware from Blackboard  If you have been using content from the four semesters listed you should immediately download the content to storage so you can easily access it before the Feb. 19. Content can be removed to storage by following the steps of a course export and then downloading and saving the content to a zip file. 

If you only need the content of the course, the export can also be accomplished by going to “Content Collection” and then “Course collection.” Select “Show All,” then select all and finally “Create” package. That process will download all the course content materials into a single zip file.  

If you have questions about this urgent need or if you want additional information about the decision, please contact the Dean or Associate Dean in your school.

If you need help with any of these processes please enter an ITS Service Desk ticket and either DL or ITS will be glad to assist you. Your content must be downloaded by Feb. 19.   

Thank you for helping the college save thousands of dollars on the LMS hosting solution.