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Apr 15, 2020

Separation Workflow – Need to Know

How do you know you need to enter a separation workflow?

A separation workflow is needed when an employee has resigned and is ending employment with the College

  • Enter the separation as code S1 Resignation, Employment Action Terminate Employment at CNM
  • Attach the letter of resignation, ensure the date of the separation match the date on the letter

Or an employee is separating from a position in your department but will remain employed with the College in another capacity

  • Enter the separation as code S1 Resignation, Employment Action Separate from Position (list only the position number the employee is separating from not all position numbers and add notes to the separation indicating separate from position only)

Or is involuntarily terminated

  • Enter the separation as code S5 Discharge, Employment Action Immediate Termination-Process Now
  • Attach termination notice, ensure the date of the separation match the date on the notice

When should you submit a separation workflow?

Immediately, as soon as you receive the letter of resignation or receive the official termination notice from Human Resources

What are the implications if you don’t submit a separation workflow timely?

  • The College continues paying the employers share of benefit premiums because HR is not aware the employee has separated so their benefits remain active
  • If the employee is a full time exempt employee, they could get paid after they have separated and result in the former employee owing the College money, creating a debt scenario because HR and Payroll are not aware of the separation
  • The employee will not get paid out leaves, if applicable
  • Risk that the employee will keep College property i.e. laptop, cell phone, IPad
  • The employee may still have their P-Card and ability to make purchases after they are no longer employed with the College
  • The employee continues to have access to the Colleges systems i.e. badge access to buildings, access to Banner, network access, email access, keys to access offices and/or proprietary documents
  • Be out of compliance, legally the College is required to issue a final paycheck to the former employee within five (5) days of an involuntary termination.

Reclassification Season Reminder

Last year, Human Resources shifted from performing reclassifications throughout the year to a model of performing reclassifications during “reclassification season” to align with Budget Fest. Reclassification Season will take place annually June through September.

What is a reclassification?

A reclassification is needed when an employee’s work and core duties have substantially changed and their job description is no longer representative of the work the employee has been performing.

What does a reclassification not address?

A reclassification is not appropriate for the following issues; longevity, volume of workload, performance or to give an employee a salary increase. Reclassifications do not address a future state of work.

Potential outcomes

The reclassification may identify the employee’s core duties and responsibilities;

  • Are lower than their current Job Description and results in a lower grade and possible decrease in pay.
  • Have not changed and the Job Description needs to be updated, no change in grade or pay.
  • Are a higher level of responsibility than their current Job Description and results in a higher grade and possible increase in pay.

Requests for reclassifications may be submitted to Matthew Wright via email at by the Department Director.

Summer 2020 Deadlines for Postings and Hires

Human Resources (HR), Budget, and Payroll collaborate to arrange a well-organized process for hires and postings prior to the summer semester. In order to ensure that postings and hires are processed in a timely and accurate manner, the following deadlines are in place for CNM.

Faculty Requisition Requests & Hiring

All new posting requests for summer faculty hires must be requested via Cornerstone no later than Wednesday, March 11, 2020. Postings received by this date will be posted for a maximum of 30 days. Please take this into consideration when selecting the best consideration date and closing date for a posting.

Hiring Proposals for Faculty

Hires are due to HR no later than Thursday, April 30, 2020. Hires received by 4/30 will be scheduled for New Employee Orientation (NEO) on either 5/4 or 5/18. Hiring packets must be correct and complete for timely processing.

Staff Requisition Requests & Hiring

Requisition requests are to be submitted in Cornerstone to HR, accurate and complete. If the submitted request is not accurate and complete it will be declined.

Hires that are processed will be scheduled for Bi-Weekly NEO in coordination with the department.

CNM Jobs on Social Media

All CNM employees, friends, and family are encouraged to be a part of CNM Jobs on social media. Join the already over 150+ followers and friends and receive virtual get-a-ways, up to date tips, tricks, fun how-to’s and encouragement to help during these challenging and different times. Be a part of the adventure and “Like” and “Follow” us today!

Faculty Earning Higher Degrees

Congratulations on your achievement! What’s next? Submit your official transcripts to Human Resources to ensure your contracts for the summer term is updated to reflect the compensation rate commensurate to the higher degree you have been awarded. Official transcripts must be received prior to the start of the term. Once your transcript has been received and verified, your pay rate will be updated for the upcoming term. If you have any questions, contact HR Consultant, Jesse Lovato at

Submit official transcripts to the following:

Human Resources

525 Buena Vista Dr. SE

Albuquerque NM, 87106

Or you can submit your transcript electronically via Parchment by clicking here.