‘Idea Flow’ Honors Conclusion of Water in the Desert Series

November 18, 2015 -- An art installation called “Idea Flow,” created by students in Lea Anderson’s Westside Campus Art Practices I class, was part of the final event that celebrated the culmination of the eight-week “Water in the Desert” educational series at CNM. The artwork, which is about 300-feet long and consists of over 1,000 pieces, runs the entire length of the L Building’s first floor.
‘Idea Flow’ Honors Conclusion of Water in the Desert Series

Nov 18, 2015

The students created the river-like installation out of hundreds of individual writings collected from hundreds of people. Students asked participants of all ages and walks of life to write down messages they would like to share about water issues or to describe what water symbolizes to them. Submissions were collected both in person and through social media. They originated from New Mexico and other parts of the country and world.

The project was inspired by the artist Christine Destrempes, who has created several similar installation projects under the title of “Art for Water.”

“The best part of the project is the ripple effect,” Anderson said. “The students had to do significant research about water issues, considering not only local, but national and international concerns. Their requests for submissions from the public created multiple opportunities for conversation about the issues, which was quite exciting.

“This kind of application of creativity to confront important world issues is why it is important to support the arts at CNM and beyond.”

The Water in the Desert project, sponsored by the CNM Sustainability Curriculum Committee, was designed to raise awareness of water resource issues in the West and to foster sustainable behaviors relevant to water resources at CNM by providing experiential learning opportunities for students. Throughout the eight weeks, learning opportunities were available through films, seminars and on-campus service activities relevant to a specific aspect of water in the desert.

The student artists participating in the art project were Cynthia Bohannon, Madelaine Griesel, Ben Hernandez, Janelle Lebron, Elora Madewell, Michael Marin Rodriguez, Phillip Martinez Aguilar, Crystal Montanez, Clifton Pierce, Raymond Quintero, Claire Rand, Miriam Scholl, Jennifer Stephens, Kym Thurman, Robert Vanderburg and Melinda Williams.