Help Score Points for CNM, and the Planet, in 2015 RecycleMania Tournament

February 3, 2015 -- For the second year in a row, CNM is going for green greatness by entering the RecycleMania Tournament alongside more than 390 colleges and universities from across the U.S. and Canada. The competition is under way, and you’re on the CNM team. Help score points for the college, and more importantly the planet, by dropping all of your recyclable waste into nearby recycle bins.
Help Score Points for CNM, and the Planet, in 2015 RecycleMania Tournament

Jul 16, 2015

“RecycleMania is a competition, but it’s also an opportunity to create awareness about recycling, conservation and other waste-reduction strategies,” said Carson Bennett, CNM’s Campus as a Living Lab Faculty Liaison. “It’s about more than simply winning. It’s a time when we strive to engage our faculty, students and staff in a college-wide effort to reduce waste and conserve in general. And, of course it’s also about recycling more.”

CNM is one of 392 schools, including 4.5 million students and 1.1 million faculty and staff, participating in the two-month competition. Through March 29, colleges will face off in 11 categories to see which recycles the most on a per capita basis; which produces the least amount of waste; and which recycles the largest percentage of their overall waste stream.

The winning colleges will receive trophies made of recycled materials and bragging rights as national recycling champions. More importantly, however, is the recycling awareness that will be brought to CNM and campuses across the country in this unifying movement to preserve the environment.

Score on Social Media

In addition to helping CNM recycle as much waste as possible, students can also score extra points for the college this year by texting and tweeting about their recycling efforts, and by setting up a profile at, a social media platform focused on sustainability where students can share photos and thoughts with other students around the country. Students choose “CNM” as their school and the system tracks student participation for points. Students can also download a free “my Actions” app at the Apple or Android stores.

On Twitter, if students use all of the following: @RecycleManiacs, #CNM and #RECYCLE, CNM will earn points. Students can also send text messages to 21212 to score points, if the text includes all of the following: #RM2015, #CNM and #RECYCLE.

Start Recycling!

To learn about what’s recyclable and what’s not at CNM, click here. Large green cardboard recycling bins and blue recycling bins are located throughout the college, so look for your closest recycle bin and start contributing to the health of the environment.

In the primary RecycleMania Tournament, schools will be ranked based on standardized weight measurements. Schools will compete in several weight-based categories that measure recycling and waste reduction per capita, as well as overall campus recycling weights and recycling as a percentage of total waste generated.

Updated rankings will be published online each Friday, allowing schools to track their progress and rally to improve their standings against rival colleges. During the 2014 competition, CNM placed 25th out of 256 schools, recycling 51 percent of total waste by the end of the competition. CNM hopes to surpass that number this year.

Bennett noted that CNM is going into the tournament with good momentum. “At the start of this year’s tournament, we are recycling five percent more than at the beginning of the 2014 competition,” he said.

For the past year, Waste Management of New Mexico has been collecting all of CNM’s trash and recyclables and providing CNM with valuable data. Over the next two months, those figures will be provided to RecycleMania. For more info about RecycleMania, visit

More RecycleMania Events

CNM events related to RecycleMania this year include a CNM Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified building tour on Feb. 6; the “Adopt-A-Recycling-Bin” decorating competition beginning Feb. 9; Biology League students hosting a “composting information station” on Main Campus during the week of Feb. 16; recycling games during Career Technical Education (CTE) Day on Feb. 27; and “Mount Trashmore” on March 4.

During the Mount Trashmore event, one day’s worth of trash from Main Campus will be piled high on a tarp at a location between the JS Building and the Student Resources Center. Campus as a Living Lab participants and Service Learning students, as well as additional students and volunteers, will sort through the trash separating the plastic bottles, cardboard, paper, aluminum cans and other recyclables that were destined for the dump because they were put in regular trash cans rather than recycling receptacles. The goal is to illustrate how much waste can be diverted from landfills and recycled.

Also new this year to CNM Libraries will be the donating old, used library books to CNM art classes. Many students will be creating art from the books in a project called “New Art from Old Books.”