Graduates of Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp Develop State’s First Website for Internships

October 12, 2016 -- Three graduates of the CNM STEMulus Center’s Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp, along with a student from the School of Business & Information Technology, have helped develop the state’s first website dedicated to listing internships available to students in New Mexico.
Graduates of Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp Develop State’s First Website for Internships

Oct 12, 2016

“We’ve been working on this project since April, beginning with a discovery phase that ended in June and a development phase that started in July,” said Andrea Sisneros-Wichman, program coordinator at the CNM STEMulus Center. “We will be done by the end of October. The interns/graduates are being mentored by two senior developers who are contracting with Ingenuity Software Labs.”

She noted that the intent of the website is to help job seekers who have trouble finding employment because of a lack of job experience obtain work. The number of internships available is growing in New Mexico, but it’s difficult for a student to know how to find them. This new website will make the internship search easier.

“By promoting internships and other career exploration opportunities, job seekers will find new opportunities, and employers will have a recruiting tool for new talent,” Sisneros-Wichman said.

According to a 2015 Student and Job Outlook survey, 65 percent of the people who graduated with a bachelor’s degree participated in an internship and/or coop. Sixty percent of the employers said they prefer to hire people with work experience.

“Today’s students are tomorrow’s workers,” said New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, a supporter of the internship website. “Now more than ever we must keep building a skilled and talented workforce.”

The internship portal is one step in that direction, she noted.

The internship portal project is part of the Governor’s Students Work initiative. The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions (DWS) created a video on the initiative, with CNM’s help, which features CNM’s students and interns. It went live on YouTube recently and will be featured at several upcoming events as CNM and DWS promote the soon-to-be-live internship website.

The Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp is a 10-week (40-plus hours per week) web development bootcamp taught at the CNM STEMulus Center in downtown Albuquerque. The students learn the fundamentals of modern web development and coding to build websites, software and apps.