Frequently Asked Questions About New Access Control System

The multi-phase Access Control Project is in the process of implementing technology to improve college safety, security and emergency preparedness. Select doors across the college (ones formerly with slide-card readers) have been equipped with new door lock and proximity ID card-reader systems that go live Aug. 17. Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help faculty and staff better understand the new system.

Aug 06, 2015

General Questions

What does Access Control mean?

Access Control, in part, refers to the system that automates employee access to CNM facilities by replacing traditional keys with proximity card readers.

What is the timeline for Access Control installation?

Access Control is a multi-year project that began in 2013. The duration of the project is dependent upon available funding. To date, access control devices have been installed on approximately 15% of CNM’s doors.

How and when will Access Control impact CNM employees?

Beginning Aug. 17, 2015, new proximity card readers that have been installed on approximately 350 interior doors previously equipped with the now outdated slide-card readers will become operational. The new proximity card readers will require the use of the new employee ID Badges that should have been previously distributed to all employees. The old employee ID cards will no longer function after August 17, 2015. 

What is a proximity card reader?

A proximity card reader is typically a small black electronic device with indicator lights mounted on the wall adjacent to the door handle. Unlike the older card readers, employees do not have to “swipe” their badges through a slot – employees can simply hold their badges near the reader to gain access.

Questions About ID Badges

When will I receive the new ID badge?

Distribution of the new ID badges for existing employees began in spring 2015. Employees hired after July 20, 2015, will receive their badges as part of the New Employee Orientation (NEO) process.

How do employees hired before July 20, 2015 receive their new employee ID Badge?

Employees should have already been notified by their department to pick up their new ID badge. Departments will continue to distribute employee badges through Aug. 28, 2015. After Aug. 28, any badges that the department was unable to assign to an employee will be returned to CNM Security. If you haven’t been notified about picking up a new ID badge, please contact your supervisor.

What if I work for more than one department?

Employees are assigned only one ID Badge even if they work for multiple departments. ID badges will be distributed by the employee’s primary or home department through August 28, 2015. An employee can determine their home or primary department by looking their name up in the Outlook Address Book. The department listed in the “Department” field is the employee’s primary department.

What if I recently transferred to another department prior to July 20, 2015, and have not received a new ID Badge?

Please check with your previous department to determine if they have received your ID Badge. If your previous department does not have it, inform your supervisor.

I was hired prior to July 20, 2015, and I have not received a new ID badge?

Your department head or your department’s designated administrative assistant or key coordinator can help you locate your new ID badge or initiate the process to obtain a new ID badge after verifying that a badge has not already been produced.

Why do I need a new ID Badge?

Effective Aug. 17, 2015, old ID badges will no longer operate CNM doors that are equipped with card readers. Also, old badges will no longer be recognized by CNM Security as valid employee identification.

What are my responsibilities as a CNM employee ID badge holder?

Employees are responsible for the use and security of their assigned ID badge. Employees may be held responsible for any activity that occurs as a result of the use of their assigned badge. Employees shall keep their assigned badge securely in their possession at all times. Employees are not to loan their assigned badges to other individuals and are to report lost or missing badges immediately. View the Employee Statement of Responsibility

What do I do with my old ID Card?

Individual departments may have specific requirements for the return or disposal of an employee’s old ID badge. If not, CNM Security recommends that the card be destroyed after August 17, 2015. A shredder capable of shredding credit cards or a pair of heavy scissors may be used to destroy the old ID badge. 

What do I do if I believe my new ID badge has been lost or stolen?

Report lost or stolen ID badges or other keys to your department key coordinator. Report the lost or stolen ID badges or keys to CNM Security and fill out a report request form with a list of the lost or stolen badges or key(s). Obtain from your department a key request/replacement form or ID Badge request/replacement form. Pay the $25 lost ID Badge or key fee(s) or CNM ID Badge to the Cashier’s Office at Student Services and obtain a receipt. Return to the Security Department at Main Campus with the following items:

  • Cashier Receipt for lost key(s)
  • Key Request/Replacement Form or ID Card Request/Replacement Form
  • CNM ID or Driver’s License.

Using the New ID Badge

I am unable to access my assigned work area using my ID badge?

Contact CNM Security using the non-emergency number, (505) 224-3002. Let the dispatcher know what room you are attempting to access. The operator will be able to inform you if your ID badge is authorized to access the door or if there may be a problem with the door or the badge.

  • If your badge is not authorized to open the door, you will need to obtain authorization from your department head, designated administrative assistant or key coordinator using the CNM Access Request Process/Form (formerly Key Request Process/Form).
  • If the problem is related to the door’s hardware, CNM Security will issue a work request for the door to be repaired and dispatch a Security Officer to open the door.

My job duties have changed. How do I get access to new areas?

Work with your department head, designated administrative assistant or key coordinator to initiate a request to update your access privileges using the CNM Access Request Process/Form (formerly Key Request Process/Form).

I recently transferred to a different department. What do I need to do?

Work with your department head, designated administrative assistant or key coordinator to initiate a request to update your access privileges using the CNM Access Request Process/Form (formerly Key Request Process/Form).

I work for more than one department and can’t access my assigned work area. What should I do?

Work with the department head, designated administrative assistant or key coordinator of the department that assigned you the work areas that you are unable to access to initiate a request to update your access privileges using the CNM Access Request Process/Form (formerly Key Request Process/Form).

Does my ID badge automatically deactivate any intrusion alarms that may be present when I enter a room?

No. Employees should exercise caution when accessing areas that may be alarmed if the employee doesn’t have the alarm code.

How do I access a building after normal operational hours?

Exterior doors of buildings remain unlocked only during normal operational hours. After-hour access requires that an approved FUAN Form has been submitted in advance and a CNM Security Officer verifies the identity of the person prior to access. The FUAN Form and additional information may be found on the Security Forms page.