Four CNM Employees Honored with 2016 PNM Employee Awards

August 30, 2016 -- Four CNM employees were presented with the 2016 PNM Employee Awards for outstanding contributions to the college during the 10th annual CNM Convocation on Aug. 26.

Aug 31, 2016

The recipients are Teresa Maynard, representing the School of Applied Technologies; Ann Lyn Hall, representing Student Services; Alicia West, representing Workforce Training by CNM Ingenuity; and Gerarda Vera de Garcia, representing Maintenance and Operations.

In 2011, PNM provided CNM with a donation that helps CNM reward its employees for exemplifying the character, values and efforts that lead to the college’s continued success.

The 2016 PNM Employee Award recipients were chosen because they made outstanding contributions on behalf of CNM’s Strategic Direction and ultimately for CNM students.

During Convocation, attendees watched a video outlining the accomplishments of the award recipients, explaining why the winners deserved the awards.

John Bronisz, dean of the School of Applied Technologies, said the following about Maynard. “Teresa handles all the budgeting and purchasing for the School of Applied Technologies. We have a large volume of purchases. When I think of Teresa, I think of someone who is very dependable. Her work is accurate. She displays great grace under pressure and always wants to do it right.”

About Hall, Phillip Bustos, vice president of Student Services, said, “Ann Lyn has done a tremendous job of moving our whole college ahead. In enacting the Connect model, she has taken on a difficult project and managed to use her strengths and her skills in getting people to work together to better serve our students.”

Kyle Lee, executive director of CNM Ingenuity Inc., noted this about West. “You train over 10,000 people in the testing area. You run one of the finest CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) programs in the State of New Mexico, as testified by the fact that you were tasked to train a deaf English as a Second Language truck driver, and you succeeded in a tremendous fashion because the state trusted you.”

Dennis Serna, Operations Grounds supervisor, said this about Vera de Garcia. “She’s the friendliest person. I’m always ready to see her smile in the morning. She never fails to stop by and give me a ‘Good morning’ or ‘How are you.’ I get compliments from the area she works in. People just love to have her around. She brightens up everyone’s day.”