Faculty Member Stars in National Training Videos in Support of Teaching

July 16, 2015 -- While she may not receive any royalties or major acting awards, CNM psychology instructor Kristin Roush’s face might become familiar to higher education faculty across the country. She is featured in four short training videos made available by Magna Publications, a major U.S. higher education publishing company.
Faculty Member Stars in National Training Videos in Support of Teaching

Jul 17, 2015

Roush said that in July 2014 she presented on “Mindfulness in the Classroom” at the Teaching Professor Conference in Boston. She received such good reviews that Magna asked her to do a webinar on the same topic. In a phone interview with Magna, she introduced some topics other than Mindfulness that she wanted to talk about. As a result, she was selected to do four 20-minute presentations as part of a Magna series called “20 Minute Mentors.”

To learn more about Mindfulness and CNM’s efforts in the area, click here.

“I have been incorporating mindfulness strategies for the last couple of years and I can tell that it has helped me to be more centered, patient, and present in the classroom. My students always surprise me by how responsive they are to learning simple ways to be more mindful while learning and also during testing,” Roush said.

In April, Roush flew to Magna’s headquarters in Madison, Wis., where she recorded the DVDs and the webinar.

“Before I went I practiced at MCO’s (Marketing and Communications Office) Media Production Services,” Roush said. ”I’d never use a teleprompter before and discovered that, with just a little coaching, I was pretty good at it.”

In Madison, she recorded all of the presentations in one take and in one day. Magna is showcasing two of them this month and two of them next month on its website. The titles of the talks are “How Do Master Teachers Create a Positive Classroom?”; “What Key Factors Influence Test Performance?”; "What Key Concepts Improve Student Learning and Memory?"; and “How Can Students Use Self-Compassion to Reduce Test Anxiety?”

Higher education faculty from throughout the country will view the presentations. They are available to individual teachers for $99 each. Schools with institutional memberships to Magna can access all the DVDs offered by the publishing company without additional costs.

Last year during CNM’s Convocation, Roush received the School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences Distinguished Faculty Award. Included as part of the award was a small stipend designated for professional development. She used that money last month to attend the annual Teaching Professor Conference in Atlanta where she gave a talk titled “The Lighthearted Professor: Positive Psychology for the Master Teacher.”

While in Madison she discovered Magna Publications has a separate Division of Student Affairs. She has a master’s degree in College Student Personnel Administration. As a result of her relationship with Magna, she was invited to speak at the National Student Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. in November. She’s also wrote an article that was published in March for the weekly Magna newsletter, “Faculty Focus,” titled “Moving From Multi-tasking to Mindfulness.”

“I guess I’m getting pretty well known at Magna now,” Roush said.