Erin Radcliffe: 2016-17 Distinguished Faculty Member Award Winner

Jan. 26, 2017 -- Erin, a part-time faculty member in the School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences and a 2016-17 Distinguished Faculty Member Award Winner, is a team player who works in the English Department and in the Assistance Centers for Education (tutoring center).
Erin Radcliffe: 2016-17 Distinguished Faculty Member Award Winner

Jan 26, 2017

She is a dedicated instructor who looks at each new term as an opportunity to meet and work with almost 90 new students from our community. She enters the classroom with a sense of openness to her students and their strengths – not only in the classroom but among their families and communities as well.

Erin is an advocate and a mentor to her students and she builds her classroom around approachability and rapport. She works hard to connect with her students as individuals and to make the class work as interestingly as possible to keep them engaged. Erin believes in welcoming change and she makes this one of her best instructional practices. Not only does Erin work hard as a member on many CNM committees, she has also published a chapbook of poems, as well as 15 individual poems that have earned awards in several poetry contests.