Entrepreneurial Mindset Program Begins Oct. 14

The first Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative (ELI) Entrepreneurial Mindset Program (EMP) beings Oct. 14 and will meet each Friday morning from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. It is an online and classroom learning program designed to inspire and engage participants in the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset and the unlimited opportunities it can provide.

Sep 29, 2016

The overall objective is to empower learners through entrepreneurial thinking and immerse them in entrepreneurial experiences to develop entrepreneurial skills. Built on a rigor and relevance framework, this highly interactive program enables participants to learn from the first-hand experience of successful real-world entrepreneurs. CNM employees receive a 10 percent discount, or they can apply for a discounted tuition payment with their supervisor’s approval and use the internal ETAF (Employee Training Approval Form) registration process.

The EMP core concepts are:     

  1. The Power to Choose -- We all have the ability to change what we don’t like. We are in charge and not victims, and the way we react to situations sets the course for outcomes.
  2. Recognizing Opportunities -- Every problem is an opportunity. Learn to shift frustrations to solutions.
  3. Ideas into Action -- Think big and act swiftly; we learn by doing.
  4. The Pursuit of Knowledge -- We are continuously learning and knowledge comes in many forms; observing and listening are powerful skills.
  5. Capitalizing on Available Resources -- Most entrepreneurs have little money, but the wealth found in ideas, tools and mentors creates innovation.
  6. Reliability as Your Brand -- Your reputation is based on doing what you say you are going to do.      
  7. Creating Community -- Surround yourself with people who make you better, and support and contribute to success.
  8. The Power of Persistence -- Show strength and learn how to bounce back from disappointment and failure. Find your drive and never give up.

Carson Bennett will be the instructor and training will be held at the STEMulus Center beginning Oct. 14. Parking is provided.