English Jump Start Co-requisite Course Starting in Fall

June 1, 2016 -- Starting this fall, Integrated Reading & Writing (0980) will be offered along with English 1101 as part of an English Jump Start Co-requisite Course. CNM students can take two linked classes for a total of six credit hours in the same term so they can complete degree requirements sooner.

Jun 01, 2016

“This model is designed to align learning outcomes and assignments used in both classes,” said Amy Christensen, associate dean of CNM’s School of Adult & General Education (SAGE). “For students who struggle with writing, this means they will get additional, necessary support to ensure their success in first-year writing and beyond.”

Students who place into IRW 0980 can take this co-requisite course in which they will learn to write college essays, conduct research, cite sources and master grammar. Best of all, they will finish IRW 0980 and English 1101 in one semester instead of two.

Other benefits to combining these two classes in a co-requisite course are:

  • Students who enroll in the co-requisite sections will only need to buy one textbook.
  • Students receive additional one-on-one support through the writing and reading processes.
  • Students build confidence in their writing and reading through intensive study.

The English Jump Start Co-requisite IRW 0980 and English 1101 classes will be offered at Main and Montoya campuses. Students have the option to pick sections that work best with their schedules.

Four IRW 0980 co-requisite sections will be linked to 10 English 1101 co-requisite sections. Students choose one IRW co-requisite section and one English 1101 co-requisite section. There will be two different instructors who have collaborated on an efficient, creative approach to teaching reading and writing which has had great success nationally.

"Marissa Juarez and I designed the paired courses by starting with the learning objectives for both courses,” said Fern (Nita) Kelly, English instructor in SAGE and School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences (CHESS). “We used research and information from schools that have successfully used a similar program to create a CNM model. These jump start courses are paired to allow more flexibility for student schedules while still allowing them to complete IRW 0980 and English 1101 in one term." 

For additional information, contact Christensen at (SAGE) or Associate Dean Paula Smith Hawkins at (School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences) or call the SAGE office at (505) 224-3939. To see a list of courses, click here.