Employee Excellence Award Winners Honored at Luncheon

December 9, 2015 -- Fifteen CNM employees were honored at the Dec. 4 Employee Excellence Award luncheon. They were recognized for exceptional contributions to the CNM community. The employees were nominated by their supervisors and each received a certificate at the luncheon. The following is a list of the honorees and what their nominators said about them:
Employee Excellence Award Winners Honored at Luncheon

Dec 09, 2015

Jimi Sanchez, TRIO, Main Campus
Recently, TRIO Student Support Services had a population of sight-impaired students enroll with the department asking for math tutoring. Jimi went the extra step and contacted the New Mexico Commission for the Blind and arranged to meet with one of their field representatives about the most advantageous way to assist these students. He then received extra training in regards to assisting this population. Jimi has been assisting these students regularly since they have enrolled.

Stacey Seagraves, School of Business & Information Technology, Main Campus
On several occasions over the summer and fall, Stacey was asked by the Scheduling Office to provide additional assistance beyond her normal role of inputting BIT's schedule. She helped completely delete, add back in, and make substantial changes to courses and CRNs not only for BIT but for other schools as well. She always completed the task quickly and accurately. She is a great role model to her colleagues in BIT and at CNM for going the extra mile.

Jessica Spence, Business Office, Montoya Campus
Accounts Payable implemented an OnBase Workflow to automate the invoice approval process in August. The AP Staff were expected to participate, but Jessica jumped in with both feet and took a leadership role from the beginning. She put in a tremendous amount of time and effort while keeping up with her regular work during the busiest time of the year for AP, even coming in on Saturdays when necessary.

Michael Chavez-Kerr, Business Office, Montoya Campus
During the Accounts Payable implementation of an OnBase Workflow, Michael went above and beyond, working from home to trouble shoot and resolve issues during his off hours even when he was on leave. He also came to work when he was on leave to make sure a training session went smoothly. This dedication was instrumental in the success of the project.

Cathy Beck, School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences, Main Campus
For the CHSS Major Mixer, rather than leaving organizers to use photo-copied signs, Cathy was able to use her own community connections to supply beautifully designed and printed signs for every CHSS department that needed one, plus additional signs for advising, transfer and support services. She took her own time to do this, and ensured that the signs were available when needed.  They made a huge difference in the professional appearance of the event.

Krystle Montoya, Financial Aid, Montoya Campus
Krystle demonstrated excellent leadership by supporting the Financial Aid office with the Gainful Employment reporting required by the Department of Education in order to remain in compliance for Title IV funding. She spent her extra time above her regular advisor duties, not only learning the procedures for reporting, but looking at individual students to determine the information requested.

Ronnie Thomas, Enrollment Services, Rio Rancho Campus
While leaving for his lunch break, Ronnie recently noticed a student with a flat tire. Rio Rancho Campus, being as isolated as it is, can make such an incident challenging and extremely stressful. Ronnie didn't hesitate to give up his entire lunch break to change the student's tire. This is not atypical of Ronnie - he never fails to offer assistance when he notices a need - academic or otherwise.

Jesse Lovato, School of Adult & General Education, Main Campus
After several terms of working with the existing Weekly Schedule for Full-time Faculty Form, Jesse took on the task of revising and improving the form so that faculty would be able to complete the form accurately and more quickly. Jesse's form has since been implemented by all the schools for reporting Full-time Faculty weekly schedules. The revision of this form was not something that Jesse's work duties required him to take on. He did it to help make faculty's and administration's work easier, quicker and to accomplish it with the greatest accuracy possible.

Michael Fleming, Physical Plant, Westside Campus
Mike Fleming has been an exceptional "Grounds" person here at Westside Campus for the past two years. Mike was the lead on bringing our campus fountain back to life and restoring the mechanical functions. This fountain had not been working for over 10 years, and Mike made it operational again and had the knowledge needed to complete the complex plumbing and electrical work connected to the fountain.

Derek Degenhardt, ITS, Main Campus
Derek is currently administrating the FootPrints software application and has created several workspaces for different areas such as ODS and the Dean of Students to help with capturing and recording data for their departments. This is definitely going above and beyond his job as a Service Desk technician!

Nicole Romero, Vice President of Student Services, Main Campus
Nicole has done an exceptional job beyond and in addition to her normal duties by supporting our global initiatives. She has coordinated and organized visits for four different contingencies visiting CNM through the Global ties network. She has gone out of her way to make CNM a welcoming and inviting place for those visiting from other countries. Without Nicole, we would have had to turn these visitors away.

Christopher Cavazos, Assessments, Main Campus
Chris jumped in and volunteered  when he saw the need to lead the food truck initiative after CNM decided to change the food concept for the college. He recruited the trucks, scheduled them, and worked hand in hand with purchasing to make sure all of the city and state regulations were met.  By Chris undertaking this project, he has helped to save hundreds of thousands of auxiliary dollars for the college. He has also beaten one of the trucks in a posole cook off!

Patricia Meyers, Physical Plant, Montoya Campus
Last fall, Annabelle volunteered to help set up and take care of the vermicomposting (worm bed) recycling system that was set up in the faculty lunch room in I-211. This system is a part of the Campus as a Living Lab initiative, which is a project focused on involving students, faculty and staff, in campus recycling and other sustainability initiatives. Annabel has come to check on the worm beds regularly and she has added leaves from the campus trees to the worm beds.

Sue Small, School of Adult & General Education, Main Campus
Sue Small set up a week-long series of dignitaries from throughout New Mexico to speak to CNM students/faculty/community members as a part of the "Water in the Desert" sustainability project. Sue's work fostered a strong connection between students, the college, and the community. Well-respected community members brought their knowledge and ideas with them to the table. This was a spectacular example of what good can come of collaboration!

David Lauer. ITS, Main Campus
After hours, David Lauer contacted Security and assisted a fellow CNM employee in need to get their car started.  David's caring choice allowed the person to attend an important meeting that evening. David's generous spirit encourages us to be caring each and every time we get a chance.