Distinguished Faculty Award Winners Announced at Convocation

August 30, 2017 -- Twelve Distinguished Faculty Award Winners, which include full-time and part-time faculty members from each school, were recognized Aug. 25 during Convocation.
Distinguished Faculty Award Winners Announced at Convocation

Aug 30, 2017

The honorees were nominated by their colleagues, and a team from each school selected the recipients.

Recognition of and reward for distinguished faculty service are important facets of CNM’s strategy for promoting the mission, vision, values and goals outlined in the college’s Strategic Direction. The CNM Distinguished Faculty Award is designed to reflect the critical role of faculty in upholding the college’s mission.

There will be an overall CNM Distinguished Full-time Faculty Award and an overall CNM Distinguished Part-time Faculty Award that will honor the top full-time and top part-time faculty members at the college. This year’s overall CNM Distinguished Full-time and Part-time Faculty Award recipients won’t be announced until the Distinguished Faculty Awards Dinner on Nov. 30.

Announced at Convocation were full-time and part-time Distinguished Faculty Member Award recipients for each CNM school.

Winning Distinguished full-time and part-time faculty members from each school received a $200 award, plus a maximum of $2,500 for a professional development activity during the academic year. The CNM Distinguished full-time and part-time finalists each will receive an additional $500 award

The Distinguished Faculty Award winners recognized from each school announced at Convocation were:

  • School of Applied Technologies – Phelan Gavaldon, Full-time; Richard Watson, Part-time
  • School of Business & Information Technology – Roshelle Overton, Full-time; Clint Reecer, Part-time
  • School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences – Elizabeth Bennett, Full-time; Sue Taylor, Part-time
  • School of Health, Wellness & Public Safety – Kevin Daugherty, Full-time; Kathlynn Roberts, Part-time
  • School of Math, Science & Engineering – Heather Fitzgerald, Full-time; Clair Toledo, Part-time
  • School of Adult & General Education – Suzanne Harris-Smith, Full-time; Al Perez, Part-time