Distinguished Faculty Award Winners Announced at Convocation

August 30, 2016 -- The Distinguished Faculty Award Winners, which include full-time and part-time faculty members, were recognized on Aug. 26 during Convocation.

Aug 31, 2016

The honorees were nominated by their colleagues, and a team from each school selected the recipients. Sydney Gunthorpe, vice president for Academic Affairs, narrated a video outlying the faculty members’ accomplishments.

There is a CNM Distinguished Full-Time Faculty Award and a CNM Distinguished Part-Time Faculty Award that honor the top full-time and top part-time faculty members at the college. There are also full-time and part-time Distinguished Faculty Member Awards for each CNM school.

The overall CNM Distinguished Full-Time Faculty Award and CNM Distinguished Part-Time Faculty Award winners are:

  • Full-time Faculty – Curtis Garand from the School of Applied Technologies. Garand is conscientious, strives for excellence and engenders great respect from his students. He has taken the point-person leadership role for industry contacts, program equipment needs and for evaluating lab safety. Garand is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure program excellence.
  • Part-Time Faculty – Joseph Hirschfeld from the School of Applied Technologies. Hirschfeld realized he had a passion for teaching in the seventh grade. He is proficient in all phases of woodworking, carpentry and the construction industry. He makes sure he is up to date on all the latest trends in the industry. He takes pride in his students’ success and believes that no matter what a student’s background may be, they can learn to master the tools and meet their goals.

CNM also recognized distinguished faculty from each school. They are:

School of Adult & General Education

  • Full-time Faculty – Erica Reed. Reed has been instrumental in helping CNM faculty with their professional development. She is co-chair of the Cooperative for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and organizes the group’s event every year. She is an extremely dedicated instructor who is fully committed to her students’ success. She approaches teaching from the combined perspectives of cognitive psychology, adult learning theory and neuroscience. She continually assesses her own effectiveness by examining what occurs in her classes, feedback from student outcomes, evaluations and discussions with colleagues.
  • Part-time Faculty – Carol Anne Byrnes. Over the years Byrnes has developed many lessons and hands-on activities which help students develop their writing skills. She is currently working on a flipped classroom approach to teaching by converting class material into CNM class videos that students can watch on their own time. This method leaves more class time for hands-on writing activities and provides a more valuable experiential learning atmosphere. Byrnes participates in several department activities, such as textbook selection and curricular planning meetings. Additionally, she is making her CNM class videos, which include lesson plans for classroom activities, available on YouTube.

School of Math, Science & Engineering

  • Full-time Faculty – Rachel Black. Black has been instrumental in stimulating curricular improvements in MSE courses, creating the new math degree and its assessment plan, and changing the way course assessment occurs in the Math Department. She is committed to excellence in teaching and participates in multiple professional development events each year. She is certainly one of the most dedicated and innovative instructors in MSE.
  • Part-time Faculty – Urszula Biela. Biela has taught at CNM for 17 years and has had the opportunity to teach almost every mathematics class that has been offered. She has developed a sensitivity and respect for the dynamic and diverse student population. Biela is dedicated to the process of continuous improvement while encouraging students to learn and work together towards common goals, despite the individual differences they may have.

School of Health Wellness & Public Safety

  • Full-time Faculty – Yulia Cole. Cole strives to establish a learner-centered environment in the classroom and in the clinical setting with an emphasis on individual strengths and needs. She consistently evaluates the effectiveness of her teaching and adjusts her instructional methods based on the results of her students’ performance and evaluation. Cole works on course development, mentors faculty, participates in peer observations and evaluations, and serves on the College Curriculum Committee.

School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Full-time Faculty – Rebecca Aronson. Aronson builds a wonderful rapport with her students. She challenges and encourages them while also broadening their horizons and demonstrating practical applications of their skills for the future. As a poet, she has been instrumental in fostering a creative writing community at CNM. Aronson’s devotion and ingenuity shines through to her students and colleagues every day.
  • Part-time Faculty – Erin Radcliffe. Radcliffe is a dedicated instructor who looks at each new term as an opportunity to meet and work with almost 90 new people in her community. She enters the classroom with a sense of openness to her students and their strengths. Not only does she work hard as a member on many CNM committees, she also has published a book of poems, as well as 15 individual poems, which have won awards in several poetry contests.

School of Business & Information Technology

  • Full-time Faculty – Chris Morosin. Morosin is here early, stays late and never seems to stop working. Students love him because he is such a good teacher who really cares about them. He is also the person co-workers and new employees go to for help with everything from navigating Blackboard to mentoring new faculty. Morosin believes personal integrity and honest self-assessment are the keys that help students be successful and become contributing members of the community.