Disability and Reasonable Accommodation Section of Employee Handbook Changed

August 13, 2015 -- An addition has been made to the 12.21 Disability and Reasonable Accommodation Section XII of the Employee Handbook. This change is effective Aug. 11. Please also note the update to the Source IS-2097 ADA/Reasonable Accommodation.

Aug 13, 2015

On Aug.11 Resolution 2015-51 was approved by the Governing Board, enacting the following revisions to CNM’s Employee Handbook:

  • Section 12.21 Disability and Reasonable Accommodation would be a new addition to the Employee Handbook. 
  • Section 12.21 identifies an ADA Coordinator (Executive Director of Human Resources) as required by law. 
  • Section 12.21 defines disability, essential functions, qualified individual, reasonable accommodation, undue hardship, major bodily functions, major life activities, and direct threat in accordance with the ADA. 
  • IS-2097 ADA/Reasonable Accommodation is a procedure approved by the Executive Team that sets forth the process for requesting a reasonable accommodation. 

This information is provided as a summary only. Additional provisions apply. Please refer to the policy for details.  The most recent version of the employee handbook may be accessed by clicking here. If you would like more information about this revised policy, you may contact the Human Resources Department at (505) 224-4600 or extension 44600.