Delivery of New Employee ID Badges Continues

June 24, 2015 -- ID badges for Student Services and Finance & Operations staff were slated to be delivered to departments this week for distribution.

Jul 16, 2015

This will include all employees who have not already received an ID who were actively employed prior to October 2014. The next and final “Mass Badge” distribution will include employees that came on board after October 2014.

ID badges for Student Services and departments and schools across CNM are in the process of receiving an Employee ID Badge Distribution packet. Instructions for distributing the badges, as well as a Statement of Responsibility that employees must sign before taking possession of the new ID badge, are included in the packets.

The multi-phase Access Control Project is in the process of implementing technology to improve college safety and security, and emergency preparedness. Select doors across the college (ones currently with slide-card readers) are being prepared for a new door lock and ID card-reader system that will go live Aug. 17. Badges can be distributed any time after they are received. Current ID badges that are used by employees to open slide-card door locks will not work after Aug. 17. Read more about the project.