Degree Works Team Makes Path to Graduation Easier for Students

November 2, 2016 -- With the click of a mouse, CNM’s new software system, Degree Works, helps students stay on track to graduation through a variety of valuable features. The massive project required collaboration across divisions and strong teamwork.
Degree Works Team Makes Path to Graduation Easier for Students

Nov 02, 2016

“This cross-functional team was excellent at collaboration and strategic focus to provide a powerful tool to empower CNM students,” said Lamonica Whittaker, director of Technology Projects. “The project team continued to make this engagement a priority, even when competing projects and initiatives became just as important. Thanks to everyone who helped make this project seamless. We truly had a great project team.”

Launching Degree Works required significant contributions from Information Technology Services, Enrollment Services, CNM Connect and Academic Affairs.

The new Degree Works program is much less cumbersome and easier to use than the previous system. It helps students easily access degree audits using color codes that tell them what classes and labs they have completed, what they still need to complete and what is in progress.

There is also a planning tool that assists students in building an educational plan, outlining specifically what courses they need to take and when.

The Degree Works team members included: LaMonica Whittaker, Cassandra Prieto, Tuyet Nguyen, Samantha Nelson, Elizabeth Mockley, Raymond Avila, Russell Parker, Glenn Damiani, Amanda Hamblin, Cynthia Mortensen, Lidia Muniz, Philip Giuliano, Yunnhwa Herman, Katharine Baggett, Denise Proctor, Herbert Hathaway, Bradley Perl, Jennifer Cooke, Diana Matier, Joshua Stewart, Eugene Higgins and Cali Soberanes.

Temporary team members included: Peter Hurley, Justin Golightly, Chris Cervantes, Brenda Bullen, Jennifer McDonald, Christina Wildau, Eugene Padilla, Monica Sam, Andreas Mueller, Phillip Bustos, Kenneth Beckman, Jennifer Brower, Audrey Troche, Daphne Welp and Marlynn Hermosillo.


Some of the features of Degree Works include:

  • On-demand Degree Audits – Students, advisors, and coaches will be able to easily monitor progress toward the completion of a degree or certificate. Clear visuals will display required courses that need to be completed and progress bars that show how close a student is to graduating.
  • Student Planning Tools – Customized course plans are available online. Coaches and advisors will build degree plans to help students chart exactly which courses will need to be taken each term to complete graduation requirements.
  • Real-time Reporting – Leveraging student data, the software will empower CNM to better plan for courses needed by students to graduate and identify emerging enrollment patterns.
  • Forecasting Time to Degree – Students can get better informed on how long it takes to complete a certificate or degree, adjusting for factors such as anticipated course loads per term. Students will also be able to more clearly understand the amount of time it takes to complete different degrees or certificates.
  • Exception Processing– Course substitutions and waivers are shown in a student’s degree audit.
  • GPA Calculator – Students can project their grade point average during terms by inputting their anticipated grades.
  • Access CNM Degree Works – Students can access CNM Degree Works through myCNM on the Registration or Graduation tabs. Employees who have been trained will also be able to access it on the Faculty/Advisors tab.