Common Questions & Answers from Recent Finance and Operations Info Sessions

Leaders from each department in the Finance and Operations Division recently visited campuses to inform employees of their services and answer questions. Here are some of the questions and answers that were common themes at the info sessions:

Jul 17, 2015

Question: With all the changes to CNM systems and processes, especially in support of the technology projects on the CNM Master Plan, will training be provided to staff and faculty?

Answer: We have developed a project implementation model that includes training for college stakeholders, as technology, systems, software is changing.  In the future, we will try to provide training in different ways, such as, face-to-face, short videos and/or training material documentation posted in a shared place.

Question: Can ITS provide a roadmap (implementation schedule) for the Wireless Upgrade Master Plan Project.

Answer: ITS will pull together the implementation schedule and publish it this month. The goal of this project is to develop and execute a plan to upgrade the core components of the wireless network to make wireless access more available and reliable for the CNM community.   

Question: will we be able to do online revisions to purchase requests?

Answer: Not at this time, however we are researching various process improvements in the procurement area including increasing  availability to use P-Cards, eliminating the paper DPO, and eventually a CNM Marketplace that will help streamline a lot of the procurement processes.  (can you see if KU is ok with stating this as it will end up being a future master plan request).

Question: What does Internal Audit do?

Answer: We are an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve CNM’s operations. We focus on economy, efficiency, and effectiveness within  operations here at the College.

Question:  What is the Space Management Committee?

Answer:  The purpose of the newly organized CNM Space Management Committee is to provide a structure and system for allocating and tracking space utilization at the college.  This purpose includes assisting CNM employees in resolving and supporting their space needs that focus on change in the use of current space, need for alternative space, need for additional space, and other miscellaneous space needs.   The Space Management Committee meets twice monthly on the second (2nd) and fourth (4th) Friday of each month from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. in Room 103 of the LSA Building on Main.  

Question: What are the next major renovations for CNM?

Answer: CNM is working on four projects in the near future. South Valley Campus Renovation,  J building Renovation, A building Renovation, and Smith Brasher Hall Renovation. Design Professionals are currently submitting proposals and CNM campus design teams will be selected shortly to begin programming.

Question: What are a few initiatives Human Resources is working on?

Answer: CNM Employment Branding as an Employer of Choice and a Great College to Work For!

CNM Human Resources is working in partnership with several CNM key stakeholders to enhance CNM as an employer of choice and a great college to work for.  An employment brand denotes an organization’s image and reputation as an employer.  CNM continues to be recognized as a great place to work in the minds of students, current employees, active and passive candidates, and the CNM community.  CNM’s employment brand initiatives enhance our ability to attract, engage, and retain talented candidates and employees.  The goal of this effort is to enhance CNM’s distinct employee value proposition that clearly articulates what differentiates CNM by reflecting upon the strategic direction including the vision, mission, core values, and culture at CNM. 

CNM can look forward to seeing several components communicating CNM’s employment brand:

  • CNM Jobs identifier
  • CNM Recruitment Video
  • Robust CNM HR Website
  • Revitalization of the New Employee Orientation

HR Making Improvements Through Use of Technology

As a part of the CNM-wide Banner revitalization efforts, Human Resources is transforming work performance by leveraging technology capabilities.  The Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF), Faculty Load and Compensation, and Workflow process improvement initiatives allow CNM HR to process paperless employment actions. Automation of processes allows data to default into an electronic process without manual data entry improving data integrity and streamlining employment transactions. These electronic methods enable CNM HR to process personnel actions rapidly, through an electronic approval process, providing an audit trail for employment transactions.  Automation enhances CNM HR’s ability to track progress electronically; create online process capabilities and apply actions into the Banner system electronically; information is keyed only once which minimizes the chance for data entry errors.

Question: How do I learn more about the Affordable Care Act?

Answer: The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act will mandate that employers make benefits eligible to employees who work 30 hours or more per week. CNM already offers health insurance to employees who work less than 30 hours per week.

Because there are still many unknown variables, CNM is unable to provide advice to individual employees because each employee’s circumstances are unique. In the meantime, CNM encourages employees to research their options by accessing these resources:

  • Health Insurance Marketplace

  • New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange

You can also click here for a list of frequently asked questions for employees about the new Health Insurance Marketplace. As CNM receives new information that could be helpful in decision-making processes, the college will provide updates.