CNM Student Nurses Association Featured in Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Video

June 1, 2017 -- Members of CNM’s Student Nurses Association will be part of a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation promotional video focusing on the American Nurses Association’s (ANA) Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation initiative.
CNM Student Nurses Association Featured in Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Video

Jun 01, 2017

Foundation representatives came to the college last week to video nursing students participating in a Student Nursing Association meeting where aspects of the initiative were being discussed.

CNM’s involvement in the video came about from a New Mexico Action Coalition meeting where Michael Shannon, Nursing faculty member and faculty advisor to the CNM Student Nurses Association, told foundation representatives about some of the student group’s activities.

“We are very active,” Shannon said. “Student association members volunteer at the New Mexico Kidney fundraising walk, at Special Olympics and at the University of New Mexico Hospitals and Presbyterian Hospital. We make sure the students understand the importance of good nutrition.”

Two weeks later he received a call from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation saying they wanted to come to CNM to film nursing students at an association meeting where the ANA Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation initiative was front and center.

The foundation supports research and programs that target some of America’s most pressing health issues – from substance abuse to improving access to quality health care. It is the nation’s largest philanthropy dedicated solely to health care.

ANA defines a healthy nurse as one who actively focuses on creating and maintaining a balance and synergy of physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, personal and professional wellbeing. A healthy nurse lives life to the fullest capacity, across the wellness/illness continuum, as they become stronger role models, advocates, and educators, personally, for their families, their communities and work environments, and ultimately for their patients.

The video release date is to be announced.