CNM Wireless Access Changing on Feb. 1

Jan. 11, 2018 -- The access point to CNM’s wireless network will be changing on Feb. 1. The current CNM_CAMPUS wireless access will be going away. When the transition is made on Feb. 1, all students and employees will need to connect to CNM_SECURE to have access to CNM resources (printers, storage, applications, etc.).

Jan 11, 2018

Personal devices (cell phones, tablets, laptops) will also be able to connect to CNM_SECURE wireless, which is available on all CNM campuses and locations. In order to access CNM_SECURE, use your CNM username and password. Your device should remember this information so that you can easily reconnect whenever you return to campus. CNM_GUEST will still be available for visitors who need to connect to the internet at CNM. For more info, contact the CNM ITS Service Desk at 224-4357 or email