CNM to Rejuvenate Plumbing and Gas Fitting Program

June 27, 2017 -- After being dormant for several terms, the School of Applied Technologies is rejuvenating the Plumbing and Gas Fitting Program, and courses are being offered for the 2017 Fall Term. This effort will be led by newly-hired, full-time instructor Kenny Graves.
CNM to Rejuvenate Plumbing and Gas Fitting Program

Jun 27, 2017

“I am looking forward to getting this program operational again,” Graves said. “Plumbing and gas fitting is in my blood, and I want to get my students as excited about it as I am.”

Graves, who holds Journeyman’s licenses in New Mexico, Colorado and Texas, entered the trade right out of high school, learning from his father, who was a plumber.  He also graduated from CNM last year with an associate degree in Construction Management Technology.

“Having recently attended CNM, I have built up a rapport with instructors who are helping me as I enter this new chapter of my life,” he said.

Students can earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Plumbing and Gas Fitting or a Plumbing and Gas Fitting Certificate of Completion. Graves said he will concentrate on getting the certificate program re-established first and will ensure the curriculum reflects the most up-to-date methods and materials used in industry.

The Plumbing and Gas Fitting Program will provide students with opportunities to develop marketable skills installing, repairing and maintaining common plumbing systems. It focuses on math computations, manufacturer requirements, technological advancements, public health and general public safety responsibilities.

“We will teach students the basics and make sure they have a solid foundation,” Graves said. “They will get some hands-on experience at CNM in our labs, but as with most careers, they’ll gain most of their experience by working in the field.”

Dean of the School of Applied Technologies John Bronisz said, “We’re excited to get Plumbing and Gas Fitting back underway. Hiring qualified individuals who are willing to step out of the trade to share their knowledge and experience as instructors is very difficult.  We’re very pleased to have someone of Mr. Graves’ caliber joining the CNM team.”