CNM Offering Free Summer Camps for Middle and High School Students

July 14, 2016 -- Registration is under way for CNM’s free Summer Camp for middle and high school students. Full day and half day workshops will be held on Main Campus on July 22.
CNM Offering Free Summer Camps for Middle and High School Students

Jun 07, 2016

“CNM Summer Camp offers middle and high school students a unique learning experience on a college campus and introduces them to potential educational and career pathways in a fun and interactive environment,” said Amanda Glennon from CNM Outreach Services, who is coordinating this year’s camp. “The teens will have the opportunity to be introduced to STEM (science, technology engineering and mathematics) and Career Technical Education majors while fueling their creativity and wonder, and inspiring them to be the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.”

CNM has 225 spots available for the sessions taught by CNM faculty. Among workshops to be offered are:

  • Reading the Bones! -- In this course we will use elements of biological anthropology to examine human skeletons. Students will be able to understand and recognize the impact of elements such as proper nutrition, health, hygiene, lifestyle choices and behaviors on the skeleton. Students will also begin to learn about human evolution as well as classification techniques for identifying human remains by sex, age, and size in addition to pre vs. postmortem markings.
  • DNA: Fun to Isolate, Fun to Wear, Fun to Use to Solve Crimes! -- Isolate DNA from your own cells and turn it into a take-home keepsake. Also learn how DNA fingerprinting is used to solve crimes.
  • Introduction to GameMaker -- Make a simple computer game using GameMaker Studio.
  • RaspBerry PI Jam -- The Raspberry Pi is a tiny credit-card sized computer that can do amazing things. We will spend time in the workshop learning about Raspberry Pi by using the Linux operating system, creating computer games using Scratch and Python programming languages and building a media center out of a Raspberry Pi. We will explore all the great things you can do with a Raspberry Pi.
  • Hands-only CPR/AED Training & Basic First Aid -- Students will learn compression-only CPR and how to safely utilize an AED. They will also learn how to manage choking emergencies. Students will get a chance to watch paramedics treat a simulated cardiac arrest on a high-fidelity training mannequin!
  • From Script to Screen -- All day camp where students will write a short script, act, film and produce, then edit our production using Adobe Premiere Pro. Students will learn how to make a movie from script all the way to screen.

To see a listing of all the workshops and to register, click here.

The Summer Camp is sponsored by Sandia National Laboratories.

Students need to bring a sack lunch, a pencil and notebook to each session.