CNM Thanks You for Participating in Multi-Campus Survey

Dec. 1, 2015 -- In fall 2014, CNM’s Multi-Campus Operations team conducted a survey to get feedback from students about the following issues:

Dec 01, 2015

  • Are you treated with respect when you seek services at the campus where you attend classes?
  • Are the employees knowledgeable enough to help you?
  • Where you attend classes are the classrooms comfortable and have the tools and equipment to support learning?
  • Are the services you need available to you at the campus where you attend classes?
  • Do you feel safe at the campus where you attend classes?

We received over 2,000 responses to our questions and many of you took the time to provide thoughtful comments with more details about your experiences.

In general, over 85 percent of those of you who responded agreed or strongly agreed that you were treated with respect by knowledgeable employees, that your classrooms are comfortable with adequate equipment, that services you need are available, and that you feel safe on campus.

But we also heard about specific issues in which there were concerns. In the year since the survey, our departments and staff members have worked to correct as many of the issues you identified as possible. Here is a summary of what we have done:

─ Effective June 29, Student Services at Main, Montoya, and Westside were opened for extended hours, including Monday through Thursday until 7:00 p.m.

─ An associate director in Enrollment Services has focused on Customer Service training with the staff.

─ A cross-training program in Student Services has begun to enhance services.

─ The Disability Resource Center testing procedures have been standardized across campuses.

─ Starting with 2015 Fall Term registration, there is a longer enrollment window.

─ Academic Advisement now offers 30-minute appointments.

─ Effective with the 2015 Fall Term, more Grab & Go options and Food Trucks provide a wider range of food options.

─ Parking permits can be obtained at all campuses and on Main Campus they are conveniently available in the Student Services Center.

─ The lighting in the Rio Rancho Campus and Montoya Campus parking lots were repaired.

─ A July 2016 upgrade will be completed for improved wireless Internet access.

─ Max Salazar Hall network upgrade resulted in improved computer performance.

─ A printing station was installed on the 4th floor of Max Salazar Hall.

─ Students can now obtain a student ID at the Rio Rancho Campus.