CNM Students’ Artwork Showcased in LSA Building

April 19, 2017 -- An exhibition of 13 colored pencil drawings by CNM art students in a Drawing II class is on display in the Louis E. Saavedra Administration Building (LSA) now through the end of the 2017 Fall Term.
CNM Students’ Artwork Showcased in LSA Building

Apr 19, 2017

“These incredible drawings are very labor-intensive, each taking the students at least 20 hours to complete,” said Studio Art Instructor Lea Anderson. “Each student used principles of bilateral symmetry and the elements of color harmony, texture and line to design their pieces.”

They began with a photograph or scientific illustration based on nature and developed personalized, unique designs over many steps through multiple drafts and experiments. Each framed piece is 18 inches x 24 inches.

This is the third exhibition Anderson’s classes have been invited to show in the LSA.


“We very much appreciate that some of our most excellent CNM art students have been honored with this exhibition opportunity,” Anderson said.

The artwork is located in the stairwell and the first floor entry to the LSA Building.

Students whose artwork is displayed in LSA include December Begay, Kelen Cote, Sasha Few, Jacob Halliburton, Nancy Henriksen, Scott Henriksen, Carly Lucero, Matthew Marquez, William Montgomery, Salina Montoya, Chris Sandoval, Emily Schwarz and Estrella Sedillo.