CNM Student Pays Tribute to TRIO

July 12, 2016 -- Christine Wong Yap, artist-in-residence at the Sanitary Tortilla Factory, has compiled a collection of stories about places in Albuquerque where people feel like they belong.
CNM Student Pays Tribute to TRIO

Jul 12, 2017

Among the 13 places selected, each featuring a hand-painted sign by Wong, is CNM’s TRIO Student Support Services at the Montoya Campus.

Molly Stephens, the TRIO student who nominated the organization, said in her tribute, “TRIO is a constant reminder of where I am going and where I started out; a place of encouragement and like-mindedness; and where many of my closest friendships began. They’re my unrelated family. We share triumphs and failures. We encourage each other and remind each other of goals. They’re my support system and my tribe. They have given me a drive to succeed and the encouragement to continue when I feel like quitting.”