CNM Receives Grant to Help High School Students Take College-level Courses

July 6, 2016 -- The CNM Foundation is the recipient of a three-year, $180,955 Community Impact Project Grant from the United Way of Central New Mexico (UWCNM). The grant will be used to establish a test-prep boot camp that will take place during summers for high school students planning to take dual credit courses at the college. This is the first year that UWCNM has offered a multi-year grant, and the CNM Foundation’s application was fully funded.
CNM Receives Grant to Help High School Students Take College-level Courses

Jul 06, 2016

CNM’s Dual Credit program gives high school students the opportunity to take college-level classes that count for both college and high school credit, allowing students to get a jumpstart on college. Tuition and registration fees are waived for the students.

The boot camps start July 11.

Sometimes high school students who enroll in college-level courses at CNM and other schools are not yet prepared for college-level courses at CNM and other schools. Faculty in CNM’s School of Adult and General Education (SAGE) developed a boot camp instruction approach designed to help students improve Accuplacer scores, which determine placement into CNM courses. The boot camps provide current and future Dual Credit students with the skills they need to bridge academic gaps and begin taking college-level courses, while also reducing learning loss over the summer break.

The first year of the CNM Dual Credit Prep Summer Boot Camps funded by United Way will be taught by SAGE faculty on CNM’s Main Campus. Eligibility for the boot camp, which will be offered in three-week sessions, will depend on Accuplacer scores. If scores indicate that students need additional preparation to succeed in college-level work, they will qualify for the program.

During the second and third years of the grant, SAGE faculty will expand the program further into the community by offering the boot camps at additional CNM campuses.

During the boot camps, participants will be able to take advantage of the extensive student support services offered by CNM, such as free tutoring and one-on-one intensive academic support from academic coaches.

The boot camp will be free for students during the grant period.