CNM’s Old Cafeteria Becomes Kitchen for Street Food Institute

June 13, 2017 -- CNM’s old cafeteria, located in the Student Services Center on Main Campus, is now being used as the primary kitchen for the Street Food Institute (SFI).
CNM’s Old Cafeteria Becomes Kitchen for Street Food Institute

Jun 13, 2017

SFI has been operating out of the South Valley Economic Development Center Mixing Bowl Kitchen and now is consolidating operations on the CNM’s Main Campus.

“The move to CNM’s old cafeteria makes it more convenient for CNM culinary students interested in entrepreneurial food operations,” said Victoria Martinez, academic affairs director for Culinary Arts, Brewing & Beverage, Hospitality & Tourism in CNM’s School of Business & Information Technology.

The front area of the old cafeteria will continue to sell grab n' go food items and students can still eat or hang out in the dining area. 

SFI is an entrepreneur-focused culinary program dedicated to inspiring the success of small, local businesses in New Mexico. SFI supports the development of small businesses by growing the state’s local food economy and developing strong future business leaders. SFI trains its emerging business leaders to employ sustainable business practices that support local farmers, entrepreneurs and families.

Three years ago, the CNM Culinary Arts department partnered with SFI to teach and train students how to start and operate a small food-based business, from developing entrepreneurial approaches and business plans to learning the culture and culinary techniques of the street food movement.

CNM Culinary Arts students who are taking a Mobile Food Operations class and participating in a special internship work on the two SFI food trucks, serving delectable gourmet dishes prepared from scratch in CNM’s culinary kitchens. The food trucks regularly sell lunch in locations in and around the Albuquerque metro area, as well as cater special events.  SFI is also the preferred caterer for CNM-sponsored events. 

SFI supplements classroom training with real-world business experience in venues across the city and county. The program is a first of its kind, offering hands-on, micro-business experience for culinary entrepreneurs. The partnership provides CNM students access to SFI food trucks and faculty and gives SFI access to some of the state’s most talented culinary students and CNM’s world-class culinary arts facilities.

For more information, call 224-FOOD.