CNM Offers Summer Boot Camp to Help High School Students Retain Knowledge Obtained During School Year

July 5, 2017 -- High school students typically lose about three months of knowledge during the summer months. CNM is experimenting with a way of combating that loss – three-week summer boot camps where students are immersed in Math or Reading/English.
CNM Offers Summer Boot Camp to Help High School Students Retain Knowledge Obtained During School Year

Jul 05, 2017

Funded through a three-year $180,000 Central New Mexico United Way Community Impact grant, the High School Summer Test Program has high school students attend classes at CNM taught by School of Adult and General Education (SAGE) faculty in either Math or Reading/English. They also attend workshops on test taking strategies, time management and goal setting.

These prep classes are traditionally not available to high school students, but the United Way funding allows CNM to offer them to high school students free of charge. Classes are held at the CNM Main Campus in the morning and afternoon and at the Rio Rancho Campus in the afternoon in June and in the morning in July. The second round of summer classes started July 10.

In order to take the classes, students are required to take the CNM Accuplacer course placement exam which evaluates reading comprehension and English and math skills. They also must have applied to CNM as a Dual Credit student, complete a program application and be a continuing high school student during fall 2017.

“Last year, the first year of the program, the students did very well,” said Christina Ricci, program coordinator. “Ninety percent of the students improved their Accuplacer scores, and 70 percent moved up at least one level. That’s incredible for a class only three weeks long.”

She added that these types of courses will ultimately “reduce the need for developmental education after high school and reduce the time it takes to graduate.” Also, because the students attend classes at a college campus, they receive a college experience and see themselves in a college environment.

United Way launched Community Impact Projects in 2016, designed to inspire collaborative, measurable solutions to the community’s most challenging issues.  Community Impact Projects (CIPs) are targeted, multi-year investments focused on urgent needs in the community, with an emphasis on continuous quality improvement, scalability and measurability. In 2016-17 seven CIPs were launched in the areas of youth behavioral health, adult transitions to college, summer learning and attendance.

To learn more about CNM’s CIP, click here.