Free Technology Day Camps for Teens Ages 13 to 17

July 2, 2015 -- Teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 can learn how to use technology to pursue their passions during CNM’s School of Business & Information Technology Summer Day Camps that will be held on Main and Montoya campuses July 24 and 31 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Free Technology Day Camps for Teens Ages 13 to 17

Jul 16, 2015

The teens will be able to learn about a variety of technology through several interactive workshops, such as Introduction to Computer Game Programming; From Script to Screen; Intro to Websites with WordPress; and more.

“The main idea of the day camps is to offer opportunities to teens so they can be exposed to postsecondary education and a wide range of opportunities in high-skill, high-wage or high-demand careers, while providing strong linkages between secondary and postsecondary education,” said Hye Clark, a faculty member and chair of CNM’s Computer and Information Systems program.

The camps are free, but campers need to bring their own sack lunches. Each Day Camp has limited space. To register, contact the School of Business & Information Technology via email or at (505) 224-3811. Teens can choose only one session per camp day.

Among courses to be taught at the day camps are:

July 24 Day Camp

Registration Deadline July 20

  • Introduction to Computer Game Programming, Main Campus, Smith Brasher Hall-202. Introduction to computer game development using a simple game development framework. Students will learn how to create a scene, place objects in the scene and automate the behavior of those objects. Taught by Rob Garner.
  • From Script to Screen. Main Campus, Smith Brasher Hall 206.  Ever want to be filmed in any location, but can’t afford the cost of a trip? Come see how you can be videotaped in front of a green screen then launched to whatever location you choose. You will use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. Taught by Marla Peters
  • Cool Careers in Cyber Security & Activity. Main Campus, Smith Brasher Hall 228. Let’s find out what Cyber security is. We will learn about known threats, cryptography, and Online Safety resources to protect personal information from computer devices. We will also explore cool career pathways. Taught by Hye Clark.
  • Introduction to Raspberry PI. Main Campus, Smith Brasher Hall 221. The Raspberry Pi is a tiny credit card-sized computer that can do amazing things. We will spend time in the workshop learning about Raspberry Pi by using Linux operating system, creating computer games using Scratch and Python programming languages, building a media center out of a Raspberry PI. We will explore all the great things you can do with a Raspberry Pi. Taught by Kerry Bruce.

July 31 Day Camp

Registration Deadline July 27

  • Intro to Websites with WordPress. Montoya Campus I-111. Demonstration of WordPress and hands-on practice with the most popular software for building websites. Explore how a wide range of talents can lead to rewarding and paying careers in the web industry. Taught by Paul Clark.
  • Introduction to Computer Networking. Main Campus, Smith Brasher Hall-228. Join us for a workshop exploring computer networking.  In this workshop, we will be learning how to network computers and other devices, like your tablet or phone, to share information, resources like printers, play games, and surf the Internet.  We will learn how to build an Ethernet patch cable to connect two computers together, how to properly configure your computer to communicate on a network together, how to setup a switch for wired networking and a wireless access point for wireless networking. This will be a fun day of learning and exploring! Taught by Kerry Bruce.
  • Introduction to Adobe After Effects Post Production. Main Campus, Smith Brasher Hall 206. The main purpose of After Effects is for film and video post-production. With this tutorial, you’ll learn how to animate scale, which is making your objects bigger or smaller. Taught by Jose Velez