CNM’s Making Money Work Class Starts Sept. 16

July 22, 2013 -- CNM's Making Money Work course -- an online dual credit financial literacy class -- starts Sept. 16. The course, offered with no cost, counts for both high school and college credit.

Jul 17, 2015

“Enrollment for the school year 2012-2013 was 1,035, a 54 percent increase over the previous year. We are anticipating similar if not more interest this year,” said Shannon O’Keefe, who manages the Making Money Work program.

The online course is currently being offered at nearly 40 Central New Mexico high schools and is available to all Albuquerque high schools. It meets a new state law that requires all high schools students to successfully complete either a dual credit class, a distance learning class or an advanced placement class to graduate. The requirement begins with the high school graduating class of 2013.

In addition to fulfilling the dual credit requirement, the Making Money Work model makes sense to students, families and high schools. For students and their families, the course prepares the high school students for the critical financial decisions that will soon shape their financial futures and the quality of their lives. The course curriculum educates students on concepts like establishing and managing credit; evaluating the pros and cons of student loans for college; exploring salary ranges for potential careers; saving and borrowing money; basic investing techniques; avoiding predatory lending; managing bank and checking accounts; and more.

Even signing up for the college-credit course is a sound investment for students and their families. Tuition is waived for students at participating high schools and, since the course is delivered online, there is no need to purchase a textbook.

Offering the course is also an attractive investment for high schools. Like some other states, New Mexico state law requires that all high schools offer a financial literacy course. Tight budgets for public schools make it difficult for high schools to hire teachers qualified to teach financial literacy. With the CNM model, which is attracting national attention, a college faculty member teaches the course for the high school free of charge to the school. The CNM-created curriculum is delivered by the CNM faculty member online to students in their high school classrooms. The high schools provide a facilitator who gives in-class support to the students and enhances online learning.

The Making Money Work program was launched in fall 2009 with 39 students. It has been completely funded by donations.

For more information on the program, contact or (505) 224-4764.