CNM Instructor Receives FAA Certification in Preparation for Drone Program

November 30, 2016 -- CNM faculty member Dr. Richard Watson, who is working with the School of Applied Technologies (AT) to implement a small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS or drone) program, successfully passed his Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 exam in November and received a Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Airman Certificate.
CNM Instructor Receives FAA Certification in Preparation for Drone Program

Nov 30, 2016

FAA regulations require anyone flying a sUAS/Drone for commercial purposes to obtain Airman Certificate with a sUAS rating. Watson is working with AT administration and faculty to develop a sUAS certificate program planned for official launch in fall 2018.

In the interim, AT is offering two UAS topics classes for the 2017 Spring Term. The first is a Surveying 2096 class, specifically targeted at high school students that will introduce them to the application of UAS in the surveying field.

The second course is GIS 1096 that is open to all CNM students. It introduces how small Unmanned Aircraft Systems are used in a variety of applications such as mapping, cinematography, archaeology, construction management and public safety. This course will also serve to prepare students interested in obtaining the sUAS Airman Certificate to take the FAA Part 107 exam. The course will provide hands-on experience with different sUAS/Drone systems and an opportunity to fly and acquire real data for subsequent analysis in the class.

For more information, contact the School of Applied Technologies at (505) 224-3711.