CNM Ingenuity, UNM Innovation Academy Expanding Partnership

May 23, 2017 -- CNM Ingenuity and the University of New Mexico Innovation Academy have announced an expansion of their partnership on several fronts. Both provide alternative education options that advance entrepreneurship and economic development in New Mexico.
CNM Ingenuity, UNM Innovation Academy Expanding Partnership

May 23, 2017

CNM Ingenuity’s Deep Dive Coding .Net Offered at Lobo Rainforest Building in August
Beginning in late-August, CNM Ingenuity in partnership with the UNM Innovation Academy will offer its Deep Dive Coding .Net Bootcamp, which allows students to learn computer programming for technologies that use Microsoft systems, at the new Lobo Rainforest Building, where the UNM Innovation Academy will be located. Deep Dive .NET is one of the most widely used programming frameworks and it’s widely used by companies worldwide.

The Deep Dive Coding .Net Bootcamp is regularly offered at CNM’s Workforce Training Center, but will be offered at the Lobo Rainforest Building when construction of the building is complete in late-August. For more information about CNM’s Deep Dive Coding .Net Bootcamp, go to

CNM Ingenuity’s FUSE Makerspace to Offer Discounts to Lobo Rainforest Occupants
CNM Ingenuity’s FUSE Makerspace is scheduled to open in August just across the parking lot from the Lobo Rainforest Building at Innovate ABQ. In addition to CNM employees and students being eligible for discounted memberships to FUSE, all occupants of the Lobo Rainforest Building will also be eligible for FUSE discounted memberships. For more information about the FUSE Makerspace, go to

UNM Innovation Academy Offers CNM Students Access to Lobo Labs Accelerator
A new agreement between UNM Innovation Academy and CNM Ingenuity now allows CNM students to apply to participate in Lobo Labs, a new accelerator program that allows students to earn six credit hours for successful completion. Lobo Labs is powered by Creative Startups, a leading startup accelerator for the creative community. Lobo Labs is also a valuable pathway for entrepreneurs who participate in CNM Ingenuity’s IGNITE Community Accelerator. It provides more opportunities to build entrepreneurial experience and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. For more information about Lobo Labs, go to

2+1+2 Program Provides Path to Master’s Degree in Business Administration in 5 Years
CNM Ingenuity and the UNM Innovation Academy are also partners on a program that provides students a pre-determined, expedited path that leads to a UNM Master’s Degree in Business Administration in just five years. Students begin at CNM and pursue a CNM Associate Degree of their choice, then they seamlessly transfer to UNM to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts and a UNM Master’s Degree in Business Administration. It’s called a 2+1+2 program that allows students to finish their MBA in just five years while saving thousands of dollars on the typical Master’s Degree path. For more information, go to or

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