CNM Honors Friends of Connect

March 26, 2013 -- Seven individuals were honored on March 8 as Friends of Connect during a celebration at the Prosperity Works headquarters on Copper Avenue. An unusual organizational structure has prompted CNM Connect to be especially sensitive to the important role played by its allies in the institution.
CNM Honors Friends of Connect

Jul 17, 2015

CNM Connect has many supporters in the community. From among those these individuals were chosen this year to be honored officially as Friends of Connect:

  • Eric-Christopher Garcia was named from South Valley for his helpful and collaborative support of both students and his fellow staffers.
  • Westside Campus elected to honor two individuals — Gary Woodworth and Mary Bates-Ulibarri — for being staunch allies of Connect and for generously sharing their space.
  • Rio Rancho named faculty member Diane Paul for the Friend award, for being an outstanding ambassador for the program both within and outside the CNM community.
  • Fredreka Smith was honored by the Advanced Technology Center staff, for her supportive work from Main Campus in the area of scholarship advice and disbursements.
  • Connect staff at Montoya selected Krystle Montoya, a financial aid advisor, for her close work with Achievement Coaches and the student they support.
  • Main Campus chose Patrick Gomez for the Friend honor, in recognition of his ready availability, prompt responsiveness and attention to the needs of students.

More a philosophy than just a single department of the College, CNM Connect has received national recognition for its innovative, unified approach to delivering vital services and assistance to CNM students. Although it has been evolving into its present form since 2006, CNM Connect has been doing business under that name for two years now. This anniversary was deemed the perfect occasion to honor some of its friends.

A core part of the CNM Connect approach is making sure that students seeking help aren’t frustrated by encountering silos, conflicting information, or multiple referrals between departments. That commitment is evident in the first-ever nominations and selections for the Friends of Connect awards.

Those honored this year are individuals in the CNM Community who work outside of Connect but who help serve its mission, whether by referring students directly, by making sure Connect staff have the most current and accurate information to work with, by spreading awareness of Connect among disparate departments of the College, or in other ways furthering its goals.

In other words, like CNM Connect itself, these individuals help achieve the strategic directions of the college, fostering student success and community success and organizational excellence and innovation.