CNM Fall Term Fire Drills Planned

August 30, 2017 -- CNM Safety & Security Office will coordinate mandatory fire drills in all campuses at various times in the first three weeks of the Fall Term.

Aug 30, 2017

The following are guidelines for faculty, staff, and students during the drills:

  1. Prior to the drill, Faculty/Staff Supervisor should plan an evacuation route and assembly location with their class/employees.  Please also have the class/employee roster ready at all times.
  2. When the fire alarm goes off, everyone must exit the building.
    1. Quickly grab your backpack, then calmly and orderly leave the building.
    2. Close the door behind you.
    3. Do not use the elevator.
    4. Take the shortest and safest path to the outside.
    5. If you see people with mobility impairment, help them into the stairwell or Area of Refuge, then call Security at Ext. 43001. Stay with them until a Security Officer arrives.   
    6. Once outside the building, follow directions from fire drill staff and proceed to the designated Assembly Area. The fire drill staff will not always lead you to one specific path or assembly area. They will show you options of path and assembly area so when they are not there to guide you, you can make the right path choice.  
  3. At the assembly area, faculty should check their class/employee roster to ensure all their students/employees are accounted for.   
  4. Return to the building only after given an “all clear” from Security.

Note: During the drill, the fire drill staff will be there to guide you to the recommended assembly points. In the real evacuation, ensure your assembly point is at least 50 feet from the affected building and there is ample clearance for you to move further away if needed.