CNM Begins Major Project to Implement New Talent Management System

Feb. 12, 2014 -- A new, comprehensive technology system that will help CNM better recruit, train, manage, develop and empower employees throughout their entire employment life cycle at the college is in the beginning stages of implementation.

Jul 17, 2015

The new software system, provided by Ellucian Cornerstone, is being put in place to help employees maximize their potential and help CNM maximize the effectiveness of its workforce, which will also help the college better serve its students and community.

In terms of managing employment life cycles, the system will help hiring officials recruit the best candidates for open positions by making it easier to identify qualified, internal candidates, and it will help identify the best channels for reaching and recruiting external candidates in a particular field.

Once an employee is hired, the system will provide tools to more easily manage onboarding, training needs, certifications, professional development progress and performance reviews.

In addition to being a valuable tool for supervisors, employees will also be able to access the system to monitor their progress and stay engaged in their development as they strive to progress on their career path.

Overall, the system will provide more streamlined automation for various employment management tasks, which is expected to contribute significantly to the goal of recruiting, developing and retaining talent, as well as improving productivity.

The project will be implemented in phases. Keep an eye out for more information regarding timelines and how you can get involved with the project. If you have questions, you can contact Human Resources at 224-4600.