Art Students Use Sidewalks as Their Canvas

May 2, 2017 -- Students in a Drawing II class at the Westside Campus recently used sidewalks around the campus as their canvas to create artwork.
Art Students Use Sidewalks as Their Canvas

May 02, 2017

They drew the art using professional sidewalk chalk and pastels.

“The work was based on ‘I Madonnari,’ a cultural artistic street art form popularized in Italy and now practiced in festivals all over the world.” said Lea Anderson, the Art instructor for the class. “They were very creative.”

The students combined Georgia O’Keefe art with artwork by Andreas Preis, Wassily Kandinsky and Yellena James, creating hybrid work.


All of the 12 students had to prepare a proposal for the sidewalk art. Three student teams of four members each were formed. Then the class voted on which one of the proposals per group would be the actual piece.

Students creating the sidewalk art were December Begay, Kelen Cote, Sasha Few, Carly Lucero, Jacob Halliburton, Scott Henriksen, Matthew Marquez, William Montgomery, Salina Montoya, Christopher Sandoval, Estrella Sedillo and Emily Schwarz.