Al Perez a 2017-18 Distinguished Faculty Award Winner

The Part-time Faculty Member in the School of Adult & General Education Exemplifies CNM's Values

Apr 19, 2018

Over the years, Al has integrated more and more technology in his teaching techniques and he encourages students to use technology and try various websites to obtain extra help with math.

To support student success, he advises students to use all of the resources available to them at CNM including tutoring, Academic Coaches, and visiting him during office hours for additional help. Al always makes sure students know he is available and will do whatever he can to ensure their success and enable them to achieve their educational goals.

His goal is that what the students learn at CNM will become the tools they will use for the rest of their lives. Additionally, Al has been a part of several committees including curriculum, textbook selection, and hiring. Al has been with the School of Adult & General Education for 18 years and has consistently supported faculty and students.