2nd IGNITE Community Accelerator Launches

July 8, 2015 -- The owners of seven early-stage businesses are being immersed in CNM’s second IGNITE Community Accelerator, an intensive, 12-week entrepreneurial program that helps new businesses accelerate their growth and impact on the region’s economy.
2nd IGNITE Community Accelerator Launches

Jul 17, 2015

The second cohort for the IGNITE Community Accelerator began in mid-June.

The seven companies were selected from a competitive field of applicants by an Entrepreneurial Advisory Committee made up of local entrepreneurs. To be chosen for the IGNITE Community Accelerator, the companies had to demonstrate potential economic impact on New Mexico. The committee looked for compatibility among the group and how the companies could contribute to each other’s success.

Each company is paired with a coach who has entrepreneurial experience in a similar field, as well as a mentor who is successfully running a business, also in a related field. The volunteer mentors are required to meet with the business owner five hours during the full 12 weeks.

The businesses and their owners selected for the second IGNITE Community Accelerator cohort are:

  • Jetson Cleaning Services, Dan Hughes: Jetson Cleaning Services emphasizes “more air and less water” as the most logical approach to keeping a clean and healthy home or business, while being environmentally responsible.
  • Vigor for Life, Sarah and Aaron Sanchez: Vigor for Life produces podcasts that are dedicated to those who are suffering and living with Lyme disease.
  • American Teacher Academy, Dr. Linda Gregg: The American Teacher Academy was founded by Gregg to address the need to provide personalized, research-based assistance to teachers, para-professionals and school administrators.
  • Connacle, Thomas Stockton and Austin Arnold: Connacle provides a website where people can find and connect with other people who share the same hobbies or interests.
  • Beauty Consultant, Rosa Carranza: Carranza is a Mary Kay beauty consultant and is working toward opening a chic beauty salon.
  • Alberto Garcia - Duke City C.S.A: Garcia owns a commercial cleaning business that services homes and offices
    Beauty Consultant, Alicia Armendariz: Armendariz is a Jaffra beauty consultant and is growing her business to serve both male and female clients.

These companies will get to take advantage of IGNITE Community Accelerator services that include: 30 hours of one-on-one business coaching; 10 hours of business workshops; 48 hours of intense business training; five hours of time with an industry mentor; Kauffman Foundation certified entrepreneurial mindset training; access to co-working space at the STEMulus Center in Downtown Albuquerque throughout the 12-week program; access to the FUSE MakerSpace in Downtown to help with prototype development if needed; support in developing a 100-day tactical plan for the business after the Accelerator is over; and additional coaching after the 12-week program to help with implementation of the 100-day tactical plan.

The IGNITE program, which takes place on 12 consecutive Fridays, begins with five full program days of entrepreneurship curriculum that includes:

*  1st Friday – Entrepreneurship 101 and Telling Your Story

*  2nd Friday – Building Company Infrastructure

*  3rd Friday – Marketing and Managing Your Business

*  4th Friday – Financial Literacy

*  5th Friday – Preparing for Lift-off

The program will conclude with IGNITE Day on Aug. 14, when each participant will showcase and pitch their product or service to the community. For more information on the IGNITE Community Accelerator, including a video that features interviews with the members of the first cohort of the Accelerator, click here