College & Career High School Posts 97.4% Grad Rate for 2017 Cohort

CCHS graduation rate continues to climb since first cohort in 2014
College & Career High School Posts 97.4% Grad Rate for 2017 Cohort
Students from the College & Career High School.

Mar 01, 2018

For the 2017 cohort of high school students, the College & Career High School on CNM’s Main Campus posted a 97.4% graduate rate, the highest rate of any Albuquerque Public Schools high school, according to the New Mexico Public Education Department. The CCHS has climbed each year since the first cohort in 2014 posted a 92.6% graduation rate.

In August 2017, CCHS, a partnership between Albuquerque Public Schools and CNM, posted the fourth best score in the state and the highest score among APS in the New Mexico Public Education Department’s annual school grading report. CCHS has received an “A” grade in the annual rankings every year since opening in 2013. In 2016, CCHS was the only school in the state to receive “A” grades in all eight categories of the PED rankings.

CCHS, which allows students to complete their high school diploma while earning college credits toward a certificate, associate degree or bachelor’s degree, is open to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors in August 2013. There are currently more than 140 students at CCHS.

The CCHS students typically spend half of their day taking APS classes, and the other half taking CNM classes that count for both college credit and high school elective credit. Tuition is free for CCHS students, and so are CNM textbooks, allowing the students and their families to save time and thousands of dollars on a college education.

Many CNM classes are transferrable to state universities. And some CCHS students have graduated from the high school with an associate degree and enough college credits to enter a university as a junior.

CCHS is located on CNM’s Main Campus and CCHS students have access to the same student support systems as all of CNM’s students, such as free tutoring, libraries, academic advising and academic coaches.

On Feb. 14, CNM and APS broke ground on a new building on CNM’s Main Campus, which will become the new home to the CCHS in fall 2019.

CCHS is accepting applications now for the 2018-19 school year. For more info, click here.