CNM Participates in RecycleMania to Advance Recycling Efforts

Recyclemania is a national competition that CNM participates in every Spring Term to encourage recycling best practices and to inform students, faculty and staff about recycling at CNM.
CNM Participates in RecycleMania to Advance Recycling Efforts

Feb 12, 2018

To help kick off Recyclemania this year, the CNM custodial staff has reorganized the recycling bins on Main Campus, ensuring that they are located next to trash receptacles. Studies show that having both options next to each other makes recycling more effective.

Molly Blumhoefer, CNM’s Campus as a Living Lab and Sustainability Project Manager, and several CNM instructors are using the reorganization of the recycling bins as the foundation for a “recycling case study” that will be a key component of CNM’s participation in this year’s Recyclemania event.

CNM instructor Asa Stone has integrated the project into the curriculum of her “Statistics Principles” class. Her students will analyze CNM recycling data to see if the reorganization of bins has influenced recycling behavior. Other CNM instructors, such as Marissa Juarez and Sandra Rourke, are also offering participation in the project as an option for class credit. Their English students will provide a technical narrative upon the statistical analysis of recycling data.

This project will provide experiential learning for students and useful information for CNM’s operational standards, as well as serve as a template for other sustainability managers and educators across the continent since it will be published on the Recyclemania website. Students will also receive a “Sustainability Certificate” offered by the Sustainability Curriculum Committee, in partnership with the Physical Plant Department, for their service to CNM.  Furthermore, students who participated in the project will be able to add it to their résumé.

CNM Recyclemania organizers are also hosting a variety of events for all students to participate in, including the popular “Mug Shot” and “Thrift Style” competitions. These competitions encourage students to post selfies on their own public Instagram accounts with the hashtag #CNMmugshots2018 or #CNMthriftstyle. The CNM Mug Shot competition requires students to post a selfie with their favorite, reusable coffee mug.  The CNM Thrift Style competition requires students to post a selfie in their favorite thrift store clothing. The student with the most “likes” in each competition will win a prize, such as a $25 gift card to Savers or coupons for free coffee at CNM’s Suncat Cafés (where winning selfies may also be featured on posters). Students can start posting their selfies today!

New this year are competitions for recycling signage, a campaign event to support refilling water bottles, a clothing drive co-sponsored by the Executive Council of Students, and a mobile device donation drive to support fellow students. These events are part of the “Recyclemania Finale,” where students will also receive a free water bottle for their promise to reduce the consumption of plastics.

During the Recyclemania Finale, there will be several speakers including CNM’s own Sarah Morrison, a sociology instructor. She will be speaking about how plastics impact impoverished communities. Waste Management representatives and others will also be on site speaking about Recycling Best Practices, including composting.  Students from Eileen Gonzales’s and Shelley Rael’s nutrition classes may also be providing facts about food waste and how plastics affect the human body.

The Recyclemania Finale is on March 29. Mark your calendars and keep an eye on CNM’s Sustainability Website for updates and details about activities and events!