CNM Launches Global Education Initiative

Jan. 4, 2016 -- CNM has been announced as a grant recipient for President Obama’s 100,000 Strong in the Americas Initiative, which is the White House’s “signature education initiative in the Western Hemisphere designed to foster region-wide prosperity through greater international exchange of students.”
CNM Launches Global Education Initiative

Dec 15, 2015

CNM will receive $40,000 to work with Colombia’s Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA), or its National Training Service, which is Colombia’s largest public institution that provides free vocational and technical training to around nine million Colombians annually. SENA works to develop and expand a technically skilled workforce to help Colombia respond to workforce needs and an increasingly international economy.

This grant effort is a launching point for CNM’s new Global Education initiative. The goal of CNM’s Global Education program is to increase the global competence of CNM students and empower them with the ability to compete, connect, and collaborate on a global scale. CNM’s Global Education program will also provide the flexibility and support of a community college to learners worldwide. Components of the initiative include education abroad, international students on campus, English proficiency, workforce development, and internationalizing curriculum.

The partnership between CNM and Colombia’s SENA will allow for an initial group of five students and one faculty member from each institution to participate in an academic and cultural program over the course of approximately two months, culminating in a two-week exchange. Participating students will have completed the four-course Cisco Certified Network Associate program at their home institutions prior to participation in the exchange program and will possess at least a basic understanding of the language spoken in the host country.

Students will begin foundational coursework in their home countries beginning in August 2016, followed by CNM students traveling to Medellin, Colombia, for a two-week exchange in September 2016, and SENA students will travel to Albuquerque in early October 2016. The exchange will be staggered so students have a chance to meet the participating students from the other country and introduce each other to life in their home countries and build relationships.

The CNM-SENA Exchange Program will consist of the following four core elements:

  • Language proficiency assessment and contextualized language instruction. Interested students will be required to be at a lower-intermediate (basic conversational) fluency level in the language of the host country prior to traveling. To ensure this, students will take a contextualized language course in their home country prior to participating in the exchange. Instruction will link to the Cisco Academy course material for maximum relevance. During the 2-week exchange, students will take a daily language course in the exchange country, as well as receiving instruction in the host country language.
  • A Cisco Networking Academy “boot camp.” CNM and SENA Medellín will design a 40-hour refresher course that will prepare students to be successful on the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification exam. A portion of the coursework will be completed online prior to the exchange, which will lay the groundwork for work completed in the host country. Upon completion, students will be ready to take the CCNA exam, the cost of which will be included in the program.
  • Cultural Immersion. Each day of the two-week exchange, students will be given opportunities to visit local employers, participate in job shadowing, and engage in cultural activities. These opportunities will give participants an understanding of cultural and professional differences and similarities between the educational and professional environments in Colombia and in the United States, and provide opportunities to interact with residents.
  • The Ice House Entrepreneurial Mindset. Also included in the Cisco coursework as part of this program will be an adapted version of the Entrepreneurial Mindset course. The course is adapted from the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program and helps prepare students for the workplace.

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