Section II: Hybrid Fall Term & Course Types

Multiple online course options are available for students' 2020 Fall Term.

Encourage students to get Academic Coach assistance at CNM’s Virtual Welcome Center.

Fall 2020 Course Options

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CNM’s 2020 Fall Term will be offered in a primarily online format. CNM is providing multiple online modes of instruction to ensure that students have the options they need to succeed. We recognize that these changes present challenges for our faculty as well – we want you to know that Academic Affairs, Distance Learning and your school leadership are here to assist you with whatever you need.

Students have been provided the following table of class types – we recommend that faculty familiarize themselves with the different types of classes available and use the table as a guide for setting expectations for your own class types.

A01, A02 etc. Attend Anywhere A course that allows you to attend each class through live video conferencing or by watching recorded lectures. You can move back and forth between these options at any given time during the semester. Attendance is based on participation in course activities. 100% 0%
21-49 Blended Classes that are online (without scheduled class meeting times) and will require you come to campus at least once during the term. 50-99% 1-49%
001, 101, 201, 301, 401, 501 etc. Hybrid: Face-to-Face On-site instruction with regular meeting dates and times that also include an online component. Typically, a lab/theory mix, so that the lab (hands-on) can be offered face-to-face and the theory can be accomplished online. 50% 50%
T01, T02 etc. Hybrid: Real-Time Online Similar to Online (see below) with the following exception: there will be some online instruction in which you, your instructor, and your classmates will meet remotely at a specific time during the day. Other class work is done in an online environment on your own time. 100% 0%

D01, D02 etc.


These courses are taught completely online (without scheduled class meeting times) in a virtual classroom and you’ll be able to complete your work without stepping foot on a CNM campus. For this reason, the Assessment Center does not proctor Online courses; if you have extenuating circumstances that require the use of the Assessment Center, we will review your request on a case-by-case basis. Attendance is based on participation in course activities.

Note: You may be asked to come to campus in the event our Testing Center re-opens.

100% 0%

R01, R02 etc.

T01, T02 etc.

Real-Time Online

Similar to face-to-face, you, your instructor and your classmates will meet remotely at a specific time during the day. This option allows you to attend the class remotely and have the advantage of regular class meetings with the instructor and other students.

Courses indicated as T01, T02 etc. will be a hybrid of online meetings scheduled at specific times and online classwork that can be done at any time.

100% 0%

Students can find more information about how to look for different types of classes, register and attend classes correctly at the Fall 2020: Modes of Instruction web page.