Policy and Rates


CNM Ingenuity Inc. leases space at CNM Community College on a space available basis to qualified organizations. Disqualifiers are: 1) teaching or offering training services which compete with the Institute or courses offered or intended to be offered in the immediate future by the Institute or 2) selling or offering to sell products or services on CNM property.

More complete information can be found in the CNM Governing Board Handbook (sections 9.04 and 9.07).

CNM Ingenuity Inc. reserves the right to refuse the proposed use if the use is not consistent with the mission or the best interest of CNM. Note: Advance arrangements must be made to obtain a temporary CNM online guest account.

CNM Ingenuity Inc. cannot license space for non-business functions such as wedding receptions, fraternal events, religious events, etc., which do not support CNM’s mission.

Requesting a Space

The process to license space at CNM is as follows:

  1. Request space online at
  2. We will hold your space and will contact you within 2 business days to confirm.
  3. A License Agreement will be emailed to you and must be signed and returned within 5 business days or your hold will be released.
  4. Contact us at or call (505) 224-5200 for more information or to request additional space or resources.
  5. You will be invoiced 3-days prior to your event start date.

Contact us at or call (505) 224-5200 for more information.



*Rates subject to change

License Agreement

1. SPACE RESERVATIONS: CNM Ingenuity Inc. (CNMII) is tentatively holding the date(s) and space outlined on the Space License Request form for your organization. Upon receipt of a signed copy of this agreement, these room(s) will be placed on a reserved status for five business days. Any changes requested after the receipt of the agreement by CNMII are based upon space availability; please advise us at your earliest convenience of any revisions.

2. SPACE ARRANGEMENTS: Rooms are generally set classroom style with wide tables and good working space. Many rooms can be set in a variety of styles. Please discuss your specific needs with CNMII staff to ensure the proper setup and number of chairs needed on the day of your event. All room arrangements must be finalized no later than 48 hours prior to the event. Changes requested by the client on the day of the event may not be possible. Rooms are assigned on the basis of group size and space availability. CNMII reserves the right to change customer room assignments as necessary based on changes in group size or requirements.

3. PRIOR TO EVENT: The customer and CNMII staff must determine exactly what equipment and supplies will be needed, well in advance of the event. If the customer is using equipment other than that supplied by CNMII, CNMII staff must be notified of what is being brought in, what time it will arrive, and when it will be removed. CNMII is not responsible for any equipment or supplies brought in by the customer; please remember that expensive items should never be left unattended or in an unlocked room.

4. EVENT CONDUCT: Customers should arrive at least fifteen minutes before their scheduled event, and earlier if special setups are required. If any problems arise prior to the event or the customer is unable to attend, CNMII staff must be contacted immediately. Requests for audiovisual equipment or technical support assistance should be made at the time the room is reserved. Although CNMII has adequate equipment to support timely requests, last-minute requests may not be possible if all equipment is already in use in other rooms. Please contact the staff at the lobby while on site for any requests and in the case of any emergency.

5. FOOD AND BEVERAGE POLICY: CNMII does not provide food and beverage services however, vending machines are available in the break area on the first floor. CNMII can provide a list of caterers or the group can supply its own food and beverage. Please note that alcoholic beverages are prohibited on all CNM property. All food and beverage related items must be removed or disposed of prior to the group’s departure. Adequate trash receptacles will be available for the group’s use. Food and beverages are not allowed in CNMII computer labs.

6. LIABILITY: CNMII cannot assume responsibility for merchandise, personal property and/or equipment brought onto the premises by the customer or their attendees. CNMII reserves the right to require the customer to provide additional security during an event if necessary.

7. SIGNAGE No signs are permitted in the lobby areas at CNM without prior authorization. Signs, banners, posters or other items may not be affixed to any wall, ceiling, door, etc. without prior permission of CNMII Classrooms have tack strips for hanging posters, charts, etc. Only Post-It© Brand flip chart paper may be displayed on meeting room walls and is available from CNMII Do not use markers or other writing instruments on the paper once it has been removed from the flip chart pad as it may bleed through and damage the underlying surface. Do not use any tape of any kind or thumbtacks on the walls. Any damage to surfaces will be charged accordingly.

8. COMPUTER LAB LICENSING: Each lab is equipped with Windows XP, Microsoft Office XP, and Internet access. Installation of other software must be performed or supervised by CNM’s technical support staff. Customers utilizing the computer labs must inform Information Technology staff of exactly which applications will be necessary for their event at least ten business days prior to the event. Please be sure to understand the operation of all equipment and specific software packages prior to the event. No food or beverages are allowed in any computer lab at any time. There are no exceptions. Security will unlock the lab to be used upon the customer’s arrival and any requested equipment will be in place in the room at that time. Computer labs should never be left unattended. If the group takes an extended break or leaves CNM for lunch or another activity, the customer must ensure that security is notified to lock the room, and then reopen it when the event resumes. Please note that the room temperature is set to allow the room to remain at a comfortable temperature once all the computers are in use. Lights are adjustable and zoned as well. Computer Protocols

  • Accounts with username and passwords will be provided to you by CNMII staff.
  • Surfing of inappropriate Internet sites is prohibited.
  • At the completion of the event, be sure to log off and leave the computers on.
  • Do NOT turn the printer off.
  • Please clear all paper from all workstation desks (recycle bins provided in each computer lab).
  • Please remove personal items.
  • Notify Security when the event is finished so that the room can be locked.

9. FORCE MAJEURE: The total performance of this agreement by CNMII and the customer is subject to Acts of God, war, disaster, labor disputes, civil disorder, or other matters of an emergency nature that would make it illegal or impossible to provide the facilities and hold a successful event on the part of CNMII or the customer. The agreement may be terminated by either one or more of the conditions stated above, upon written notice by both parties without any penalty being imposed.

10. SEVERABILITY: The unenforceability or invalidity of any of the provisions of this agreement shall not affect the enforceability or validity of any other provision of the agreement.

11. HEADINGS: The headings in this agreement have been inserted as a matter of convenience. If there is any conflict between the headings and the text, the text will control.

12. CANCELLATION: Upon receipt of this signed agreement, CNMII will hold the space and/or services listed on page one for the customer’s use over the listed dates on a definite basis.

Cancellation fees are as follows:

Notice of Cancellation


10 business days or more prior to event

No charge assessed

3-9 business days prior to event 

50% of license charges

Less than 48 hours (2 business days)

100% of licensing charges prior to event

Fees charged are not a penalty but considered liquidated damages.


13. WAIVER: The failure of either party to insist on strict compliance with any of the terms of this agreement shall not be deemed a waiver of that term or condition.

14. BILLING: Based on the Space Request form submitted, the license charge for the space(es) associated with the event will be invoiced in full prior to  the event. Payment is required within 30 days by check, credit card (Visa or MasterCard only) or purchase order in accordance with the terms noted on the invoice. Payment must* be submitted to:

CNM Ingenuity Inc. Attn: Accounting PO Box 4586 Albuquerque, NM 87196

Check and purchase orders must be made to CNM Ingenuity Inc.

ACCEPTANCE of AGREEMENT:  By signature below, I acknowledge that I have reviewed and agree to the preceding terms and conditions included in this rental agreement,  and indicate my authority as the customer to enter into this agreement.              

Print a copy of the policy and agreement document.

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