Funding Resources

Non-credit programs at the CNM Workforce Training Center are not eligible for Financial Aid. There are other funding sources that may be available to qualified participants. Learn more about these workforce funding programs and how to qualify.

5 Ways to Get Your Employer to Send You to Class

  1. Ask - A simple request is usually all it takes.
  2. Show the Catalog - Get your boss to read it. Attach it to a memo.
  3. Stress the Benefits - Additional skills training will make you a more productive employee.
  4. Emphasize the Convenience - Why go out of town for training when you can get quality training right here?
  5. Compare the Competitive Pricing - Your employer will be pleased to know they are paying a little less and getting a lot. Check the prices. They're hard to beat!

Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA)

The Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA) is for those who are unemployed or laid off. WIOA funding provides training funds for jobs in demand. Visit your local NM Workforce Connection office for more details.

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) provides assistance for those who have an impairment which "constitutes a substantial impediment to employment."

Bosomworth Scholarship

Scholarships may be available for select courses, based on need, through the Bosomworth Workforce Scholarship Endowment. Doug and Joan Bosomworth established and funded an endowment which provides small scholarships to working individuals who have a sincere desire to improve their workplace capabilities and earning power. For application information and requirements please contact

Trade Adjustment Assistance

The Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program was created to assist workers dislocated due to foreign imports or the transfer of production to Mexico or Canada. The program offers great benefits including money for retraining, and reimbursement of job search and relocation expenses.

Education Loans

The CNM Workforce Training Center encourages responsible borrowing. We cannot assist in a loan application, nor do we endorse any of these companies. These are simply a few options that you may want to consider if all other options have been exhausted.  

  1. Sallie Mae Student Loans
  2. Wells Fargo Career Training Loans
  3. Citizens Bank Continuing Education Loans